Impact: Life is about instructions

Pastor Julianna newNow is the time to launch out in the deep.
This is a word for you from your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He loves you very much and wants to change your story today. Many find themselves stuck in life because they’ve failed to believe and follow important instructions available in God’s word. They don’t believe in the extravagant love of God and as a result neglect his wonderful word.
There is a story found in Luke: Chapter 5 verse 3-4. In this portion of scripture, Peter received an instruction from Jesus to “launch out in the deep.” Peter was a great fisherman and had been toiling all night but did not manage to catch anything, so when the instruction came for him to cast his net in the deep for a better catch, he was skeptical because of his experience the previous night. He knew that the fishes were not biting so the instruction that was given to him created a double-minded effect, whether to believe or to reason. In the end, Peter chose to believe the Lord and because of his obedience he was rewarded with the biggest catch of his life.
Many of us, however, have been robbed of the extravagant love of God and various life- changing experiences such as Peter’s, because we fail to take the instructions given to us and follow them.
Everything in life comes with instructions. If you buy a car, for example, there is a manual (instruction book) that comes with it. The same applies whether you purchase an appliance or some device; there is a manual to instruct and demonstrate the expected usage and care of that commodity.
Some instructions are verbal; others are non-verbal. In some cases, instructions can require more time investment than others. For example, a pregnant woman’s instruction while waiting to give birth demands a nine-month waiting period.
Your job also comes with instructions based on the hour you start and the time you finish. Even gardening and planting comes with instructions in order to reap at the right time, or else you may lose your harvest.
Travelling is no exception to the rule, because the airlines also have their own instructions giving you the times of departure, the arrival time and the protocols that must be respected in order to board your flight for take-off.
Let’s be realistic, if you can follow all these instructions in order to make it in society, what makes you think that God does not have instructions for you to make it in life?
The Bible is God’s manual; it is the standard for your life. Yes, some of you think it is not important but this book gives you information about your creator, your existence, your life, your success, your love, your peace, your joy, your descendants and your generation. It will instruct you on how to increase and multiply. It discusses health issues; it provided financial information and even communication strategies. This manual, the Bible, addresses everything you will ever encounter in your life.
It is sad to say, but many have never even opened this manual, the Bible, much less read it.
Can you imagine that the government has thrown out this book from countless homes, schools and prominent places in society and now they wonder why the world is deteriorating?
Immorality is like an epidemic and men and women are doing what is right in their own eyes.
If you do not believe in following instructions you have been deceived, for even in the simplest form there are instructions to follow. If your mother and father had not followed the sexual instructions of laws of nature, you would not be alive today.
The instructions of life are available to you through God’s Word. Receive the extravagant love of God for your life today and read the instruction manual he has provided.
For God desires to see you live as royalty. From the moment you were born he has predestined you to be kings and queens, but because you have never read his manual, the Bible, to know and understand your worth and value, you have ended up living like a beggar eating the crumbs from under the table of others. Your father, however, has spread a bountiful table before you. So rise up. Take your place in life and follow the instructions so that you can enjoy the feast that He has prepared for you.
You’ve been toiling too long and for too many years. No more shallow living; it’s time for a deep experience.
The instructions are already laid out for you so I encourage you to read your Bible as of today. Read it for yourself because it’s time to launch out in the deep for a greater catch. Launch out in the deep and trust God.