IMPACT: Appreciating the gift of family

Family is the gift that God has given to each man

Do you appreciate your family today? Do you celebrate your family members?
Family is the gift that God has given to each man. So we should appreciate them.
Regardless of the status of your parents, you ought to respect them for having given you the opportunity for being born.
We are living in times and seasons where children are very disrespectful and unthankful to their parents and other family members. This behaviour must change.
Many are suffering today in their lives and are progressing because of what they are saying about their main helpers in life.
No one can make it in life without helpers and the most important helpers are your parents.
First, there is your mother who carried you for nine months and then gave birth to you. Then there is your father who is just as equally important in the team of two.
I am fully aware that there are parents who just can’t cope with the responsibilities of parenthood and have distanced themselves from their children.
Nevertheless, inspite of all that rejection, it still does not give the children the right to disrespect their parents through verbal abuse or any other kind of manifestation of disrespect.
As a minister of the gospel, I see how the principles of God, when followed, can bring freedom to mankind. If you learn to forgive your parents or family member and turn it over to the Lord, he is surely  able to work it out for you.
In the word of God, there are multiple references encouraging children to honor and obey their parents so that their days will be long on Earth. So even if the hurting children forgive, honor and respect their parents, in spite of their parents’ actions and behaviours… I know these children will be blessed. I know they will prosper and excel to unlimited heights in life.
Please forgive your parents and family and leave it for God. Whatever it is, God is able.
We are seeing so many angry men in jails because their fathers were not being fathers to them in their youth.
Listen, young men, forgive your dads because he himself may have lacked fathering and one cannot father children if they were not fathered. Please forgive him from the bottom of your heart and ask God to be a father to you.
God can be a number one father to the fatherless.
It’s time to get over the anger, the pain, and the guilt and move on with your life and destiny. Stop blaming others or else your list will just grow longer and longer… Know that God has also given you a family within the church and God’s family is the best family for the hurting and angry. He can connect you to loving fathers and wonderful mothers.
Please put this advice into practice. Forgive and be free.
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