Let’s do a 30-Day Challenge

“It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.”

I’ve decided to start another 30-day personal challenge next week for no particular reason except that I want to challenge myself to see what I could accomplish in the next month or so.
Think about it…
What can you accomplish in the next 30 days that you know if you complete the challenge your present situation will be greatly improved?
How would you feel at the end of the 30 days?
I’m excited because I know that consistency is key to success and I love to challenge myself.
I like to plan 30-day challenges several times a year and I am always happy with the results.
As my dad always says: “It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.”
I’ll be including a few different areas in my 30-day challenge:
I’d like to develop a consistent home strength training routine.  I’m pretty good about getting my cardio workouts in but I need to be more consistent with the resistance training.
As you all know weight training is an important part of any fitness program.
Fun Fact:
Ernestine Shepherd started weight training in her 50’s after her sister died of health complications. Ernestine is now in her 80’s and extremely physically fit.
It’s just a reminder that it’s never too late to get started and it’s never too late to change.
Another area that I would like to see improvement in the next 30 days is drinking just water with the exception of my one cup of coffee to get me started in the morning J but getting a minimum of 2 litres in a day.
And finally 30 days of gratitude… writing or speaking everything that I’m grateful for daily.
That was probably way too much information about me but I wanted to give you ideas on different challenges that you can make for yourself.
We all have areas in our lives that we need to work on. My question to you is: What’s your challenge? What would you like to see change in the next 30 days?
Have you been thinking about quitting an unhealthy or bad habit?
Do you want to save some money this month?
Do you want to workout more?
Change your negative thinking into more positive thinking?
Do you want to give up something?
Would you like to read more?
De-clutter your space?
Begin the practice of quiet time or meditation?
Cut back on sugar and sweets?
Spend more time with family or friends?
Whatever it is… you’ve got this!!!
Remember your results can build your self-confidence, make you feel accomplished, you’ll be more productive and generally 30-day challenges will help you to grow as a person.
If this is your first 30-day challenge don’t beat yourself up if you mess up, just decide that you’ll learn from it and keep pressing on.
It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being consistent and learning more about you!
Keep it simple, commit to your challenge, track your progress and stick to it for 30 days.

Who wants to join me?

Bev…xo  bevbenskin@gmail.com