Do you have a Delilah on your hands?

IMPACT: Examine your life partner

Today I amPastor Julianna new unmasking the spirit of Samson that is hindering the destinies of so many great men and women.
There are so many men and women with great potential and abilities who were born with bright and shining stars to impact their generation or their families, but because of a lack of spiritual knowledge they have been stopped by enemies, whether similar to Samson’s Delilah or that of the prophet Elijah’s, like Jezebel and Ahab, manipulative and deceptive individuals who will control your life for their own gain and utterly destroy yours in the process.
Many people are afraid to read the 66 books of the Bible to get revelations from them about life. Many stories are written in the Bible to educate us, to prepare us and inform us about life issues. Do you know not everything that glitters is real gold?
Mankind’s eyes are limited to only see things naturally, that is why we need spiritual eyesight to discern Jezebels and Delilahs that can come into your life to destroy your greatness. Gender is not important; it’s a wicked destructive spirit that can manifest through anyone, male or female. It will seek to associate with you for one purpose: to destroy the seed of greatness within you.
Not every woman can be your wife
Not every man is born to be your husband
Not every business is yours to start.
Not everything out there is for you or profitable for your life.
Samson was born with greatness, but he had a weakness… He loved beautiful women, and most of the women he was attracted to were very toxic to his life and destiny. This particular woman, Delilah, was assigned and designed to finish him.
She brought him from a hero to a zero. She was not the wife any man can appreciate and celebrate. She was a traitor to his destiny. She betrayed his love, his trust and his secrets for money.
To the end, Samson lost his eyes and his hair, which signified his visions and his strength. These two were the gifts directly linked to his purpose and God-given destiny. Read it for yourself in Judges Chapter 16 of the Bible.
Too many readers are losing their dreams, visions, power and strength because they have never taken the time to study their life partner. Among the great population, there is only one life partner for each of us.
Your life becomes dangerous when you are trying to have more than one partner. Many lose their vision for greatness when they are caught between two lovers; some even die prematurely. Please take Samson’s lesson seriously and examine your partner’s qualities before you put your head in their lap because it could be deadly and dangerous.