Carnival updates 2019

Carnival updates 2019

All roads lead to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival  on March 4th & 5th

As Soca lovers are expecting real time information about Trinidad Carnival every time they open the Montreal Community Contact Newspaper, I make sure that the Island Scoop becomes the one-stop joint for Soca news during this Carnival season.
So here’s some of the talk about topics for this Carnival season.
Will the most popular Power song title, Famalay by Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano & Vincy-born Skinny Fabulous be eligible for Road March?
Chutney Soca icon Rikki Jai will be celebrating 30 years in the business this season.
No more Wet Fetes for 2019 Carnival.

It is publicly known that a non-Trinidadian base song is not allowed to take part in the Road March.
But according to the rules of the Road March, released by the Trinbago Unified Calypsonian’s Association (TUCO). The popular power soca collaboration between Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and Skinny Fabulous, ‘Famalay’, is eligible for the 2019 Road March.
The rule states: “In the event of a collaboration between a National of Trinidad and Tobago and any foreign artiste/artistes, the majority of the lead vocal performance of the Calypso must be undertaken and carried out by nationals of Trinidad and Tobago in order to qualify for the Road March Title.”
While Skinny Fabulous, whose real name is Gamal Doyle, is a national of St Vincent and the Grenadines, both Bunji Garlin (Ian Alvarez) and Machel Montano are nationals of Trinidad and Tobago.
Famalay is currently one of the top-runners for the Road March competition, which will be decided between 12 noon and 8pm on Carnival Monday and 8 am and 9 pm on Carnival Tuesday.
Chutney Soca artist Rikki Jai will be celebrating 30 years in the industry with his upcoming concert called ‘Jaikonik’, Saturday, February 9, at The Rig, San Fernando. Rikki Jai was first recognized for his 1989 hit ‘Sumintra’; there were many more. He was a finalist in the first ever Soca Monarch in 1993 and the first Chutney Soca Monarch in 1998, where he went on to win six more times. He won the Young King title with Bunji Garlin, placed ninth in Soca Monarch and 7th in Calypso Monarch. He also made history in 2006 when he joined an elite cultural troupe with the Soca Warriors to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the Germany World Cup.
Rikki Jai will give a full-length performance with hit songs from the days of ‘Sumintra’ to today, his 30-year anniversary concert.

In its 2019 Dry Season Climate Outlook, Trinidad & Tobago Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) have decided to enforce the following existing laws: This year, under Section 49 of the Water and Sewage Act, when there is a water shortage, the company may restrict water supplies for use in watering gardens or washing vehicles. Under
Section 52 (3) anyone who contravenes this is subject to a fine of $75. These laws were created in 1965 and addressed the situations at that time. The issue of wet fetes didn’t arise at that time. The Government is discouraging persons from using drinking water for these wet fetes. It has been stated that this dry season we are expecting even less rainfall than usual, and it is critical that we conserve water.
So does this mean no Wete Fete or water trucks during J’Ouvert, etc? It seems so to some, while other promoters say they will still have their Wete Fete events and just pay the $75 fine.

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