But Sanity Reigns At The Barbershop

It’s March Madness, Yes

Bob White new
The barbershop was crowded; people were talking.
Professor waved his hands, trying to get everyone’s attention and said, “I want everyone to listen. I don’t want you to hear me I want you to listen to me. You know there’s a big difference in hearing and listening. Hearing goes in one ear and out the other. When you listen it resonates… Everybody in hear listening to me should be very proud of our Prime Minister.”
Now everybody in the USA knows who Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, and if he comes to Montreal more people will also know whom Marc Miller, MP for the South-West district, is.
The Americans now know who we are. They’ve been living beside us from day one and most of them still don’t know who we are. To this day, some still believe that the late, great pianist, Oscar Peterson, is an American. They also believe that one of the world’s greatest inventors, Elijah McCoy, was born in the USA. When people say, “Is that the real McCoy?” They ‘re talking about Elijah who was born and raised in Colchester, Ont.
Both of them were Black, and born in Canada.
A lot of people in the USA don’t know that Dr. Charles Drew who was born in the USA was refused admission to the University of ???? medical school, but was accepted at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec., Canada. Why this is so important is because the same Dr. Charles Drew was the pioneer of blood plasma. His medical work has saved lots of lives…
Let me tell you something, I love White folks; they’re beautiful. I don’t dislike them, just some of them, those that hate me. It’s called the “hate that hate produced.”
Example, a white person goes into a church, prays with a bunch of Blacks; they all showed him love. He then got up and murdered nine of them.
How about the time they (some southern racists) put a bomb in a church and killed five kids. I’m on a roll now; I’m not finished with you.
Let me tell you about White folks. I’m sure a lot of you know – if you want to know. I’m not referring to Uncle George, Uncle Tom, or Uncle Clarence. I’m referring to people who are enlightened. White folks will only hire a nanny if she’s from Trinidad, or any of the islands. They didn’t want white nannies to raise their kids, or caregivers who are white; they only wanted someone who’s Black. Why this is important is because the nanny who is Black spent more time raising the kid than the kids’ parents.
Now some economics! When it comes to hiring a Black who has more degrees than a thermometer s/he will not get the position, they believe in the golden rule: whoever has the gold makes the rules…
If baseball hall of famer Andre Dawson (the same person who was the tour guide for the President of the United States when he visited the Hall of Fame) were white, the police wouldn’t have pointed a gun at his head when they thought he was shoplifting at a major downtown Montreal department store. Read his book, Hawk.
Or if you ever meet her, ask former city councilor Sonia Biddle.
Like I said earlier, most white people do not like us, the colour of our skin, but they spend billions trying to look like us. Why? Does that seem right? They all run down to the Caribbean for a 10-day vacation. They don’t run to Europe, just Trinidad, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Barbados… and if you have more money, Turks & Caicos. Why?
If I’m walking with a nun on the street (and as you can see I am Black) and she’s white, but she doesn’t have a frock on, white folks will stare at us. If she has her frock on they’ll stare at us. But if the nun is Black with her frock on or off they won’t stare at us. You know that, eh?
Also, if a Black, like Andre Dawson or… walks into a department store looking to purchase something, and walks to the right side of the store, the security, including the cameras (even those in the eyes in mannequins) will be locked on you. And if two minutes later a white shoplifter walks in the same store and goes to the other side they could take anything they like; all the security (human and electronic) will be focused on Black shoppers.
Let me tell you how stupid some white people are, even Michael Moore knows: A Black person, a male airline pilot, is in an airport walking around (lounging) in his uniform. A white person (let’s say from Montreal) walks up to him and asks: Are you a pilot? He would answer, No! It’s a Halloween costume… Yes! I’m a pilot. What do you think I am?
But ‘times are a changin’. We got Justin Trudeau and Marc Miller.
Remember, Marc Miller was a lawyer in NYC, the slickest city in North America, maybe the world. And his buddy, son of a former Prime Minister, and now a very close friend of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, has an open mind. He must have, in order to sit with the Ways and Means Committee at the barbershop. At the meeting was Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Marc Miller, Wayne Yearwood, Trevor Williams and Justin Trudeau. The meeting went two uninterrupted hours. Oh, yeah, I heard that guy Bob White was also there.
So we believe in Marc Miller and Justin Trudeau. If they don’t do it for us, nobody will.

One of the best urologists in Quebec, maybe Canada, an expert in prostate cancer, is Dr. Keith Matthews. He saves peoples’ lives. Ask Joe and Yvonne at St. Mary’s Hospital; they will tell you.
We are living in some very interesting times.
A reality show promoter and a latent racist wants to divide (of uniting) the people (like keyboard) and become president of the USA, the most powerful country in the world — over 300 million people with over 300 million guns. Who’s making all these guns, and all the money?
Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter. Which is why former President of the USA, Jimmy Carter only had one term. He was all about peace, but peace is not good for the stock market; it’s only good during the Christmas holidays. If Trump becomes president he’ll be in trouble.
Money put up his hand. “When President Barack Obama retires in 10 months the Ways and Means Committee is going to hold a meeting with the founder and publisher of the CommunityCONTACT, Egbert Gaye. The meeting will be about him getting together with his corporate friends to put up $150,000 to invite former President of the USA Barack Obama to Montreal to speak 90 minutes, $150 a ticket; first five rows, $200; VIP $500. If you want a photo-op $2,000. No Q&A after the speech, just like Bill Clinton did when he came to Montreal some years ago. The world’s greatest Jazz pianist, Oliver Jones will kick things of by tickling the ivories. That’s worth the price of the tickets… After the lecture, if you want to have a photo-up. With the president $2,000 (Clinton charged $5).
All the funds raised will go towards scholarships, food baskets, and to send kids to summer camp.
Genius raised his hand and said, “Right now it’s all about March Madness. Trevor Williams says the President of the United States’ brother-in-law (Google him if you’re interested), coach of the University of Oregon’s basketball team has a player from Montreal on his team. And Nirra Fields and Lisanne Murphy, two Montreal girls, will be representing Canada in Brazil this summer.”
The Ways and Means Committee said they got in touch with Lisa Montgomery, Political Attacheé to Marc Miller. She said, “Our office is now open. You voted for us. Call us; we’re here.”