Bun and Cheese: A delightfully tasty Easter tradition

Bun and Cheese: A delightfully tasty Easter tradition

I have a few questions….
Do you put up a Christmas tree in your home in December? Do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving? Do you buy chocolate and flowers for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day?
I bet the majority will say: Yes!
Then have you ever asked yourself, why?
Regardless of what race, religion, culture or background we belong to we
tend to follow traditions and adopt habits without truly the history behind them.
I am willing to confess to doing the same.
Just last week I remember telling my friends that Easter
is around the corner, and I have to buy some “bun and cheese.”
Besides the fact that it tastes good, my only knowledge of that tasty Caribbean treat is that it’s an important part of the Jamaican Easter experience, much like attending church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
There are several different brands of bun on the shelf each year, but some
people prefer to make their own using the basic ingredients.

Whatever the case, they consume them with gusto; however, most of us, including myself, have no idea how that Easter tradition came about.

The Jamaican Easter bun is an extension of the hot cross bun, which is popular in Britain. These buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday, with the cross symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus.

The tradition made its way to Jamaica when the island was colonized by Britain in the mid-1600s.
Over time, the bun transitioned from the roundish shape into a loaf, with molasses used as a substitute for honey, and dried fruits added to the batter to make it uniquely Jamaican, and no doubt much yummier.
I’m not sure how cheese was added to the mix, but I’m not going to question it because the combination works for me.

– April 11th 1967 – Jamaica’s 2nd Prime Minister, Donald Sangster dies
in the Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada. following a stroke
March 21st of the same year. He was knighted on his death bed.

– Apr 12th 1965 – born Delroy Thompson on this day, Pinchers released
hits like Abracadabra and Agony, but is best known for Bandelero (Hey
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