Be a thermostat

IMPACT: Thermostat or thermometer… Which would you rather be?

The seasons are Pastor Julianna newchanging drastically, and the year is coming to an end. The holidays are on their way and soon enough December will have come and gone, and we would be into a New Year.
Gauge all this information and please answer the following: Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? You cannot be both at the same time.
Thermometers only measure the temperature and do nothing else; thermostats on the other hand measure, sense and regulate the temperature.
Both devices deal with temperature; one being able to tell what the temperature is while the other can both tell and control the temperature. We have them in our houses, cars etc.
Even our society can be categorized in this way. In fact, this world is full of these two distinct groups of people; however, to become a man or woman that makes an IMPACT you would have to make a serious choice to be a thermostat.
Connect yourself to people who are going places, associate with people who have great dreams and visions. God is looking for world-changers; they are the thermostats of society, they take note of what is happening around them and take it upon themselves to do something to change the situation. They are men and women of faith. They believe that with God all things are possible. They know how to read and study to show themselves approved unto God.
If you notice that things are not changing in your life, take an inventory of your life and check your associations. You may be stuck in a thermometer relationship. All these people do is complain and talk about what is happening around them, but they do nothing productive to bring changes to their relationship or environment. Such people simply love to measure and report anything to everything from the relationship status, finances, time spent with them, etc. Such people have a behaviour that measures all aspects accurately, yet while they are measuring everything they are whining and complaining about everything. Thermometer-type people do not suggest or take any course of action to improve or resolve the situation.
If you find yourself in the thermometer category, I want you to know that you can do so much more in life to be a blessing and make an impact in the lives of others, and to improve your own life. You, too, have the ability to reach the maximum level of your potential.
When you determine the state of a thing or a life situation, refrain from complaining and try to do something productive about it. Try to do some hard work on your part towards the solution, improvement or advancement of that thing. You may even consider including God into the equation. He is a very present help in times of trouble.
I myself was once a thermometer, but it has been over 15 years since I made a conscious decision to be a thermostat and I have not regretted that decision. I have more peace, joy and happiness. I am no longer a man-pleaser and complainer. I am now a bright and brilliant thermostat.

Praise and thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ!