A threat that cannot be taken lightly

A threat that cannot be taken lightly

Mandatory Vaccines for health-care workers

It’s a tough call on the government’s decision to institute
mandatory vaccination for Quebec healthcare workers, given the fact that many families stand to be impacted at a precarious time.
The announcement from the provincial health minister Christian Dubé is pretty straight forward: all health and social services workers in Quebec must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 15 or face suspension without pay.
And it applies to workers in both public and private sectors.
So far about 55,000 of these workers remain unvaccinated, forcing the government to act.

The potential impact on our community is frightening given the number of Black families that depend on someone working in health-care.
However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fault the Legault government for what many has determined to be hasty and drastic moves to get people to see validity vaccinations.
This announcement on mandatory vaccination follows the recently instituted Quebec vaccine passport requirements that came into effect on September 1. Yes, we believe it is an inalienable right to hold a job and feed your family.

But with hundreds of Quebecers still falling victim to COVID-19 every day, more than 80 per cent of whom are unvaccinated, at what cost to the rest of society.
Without questioning individual motivations and convictions about the COVID-19 vaccinations, it has to be quite rich coming from individuals who are in the midst of the vulnerable and the sick, day in and day out, with the potential to victimize others or become a victim themselves to choose not to opt for the protection that vaccines promise.

Well over six million Quebecers have made conscious decisions to take the jab… as they say… not because they are sheep and are inclined to follow orders but because it’s the best course of action to
usher in the tomorrow of this pandemic.
Those who are skeptical, hesitant or plain out anti vaccines are enjoying a fake luxury to believe otherwise.
The problem of course, is the threat that they pose to family, friends and to themselves.
Sadly, it’s not a threat that governments nor citizens can take lightly.

Egbert Gaye