What your finances reveal about you

Can you love God more than Money

Money, money,money! The love of money is greater than Valentine’s Day it is like an epidemic it is like a virus going nationwide. It is causing a lot of havoc in society.
The love of money is the root of all evil.
Some love money so much that they are selling their souls for it. Some will even kill their loved ones because of money. Some will steal in order to support their dirty habits. Some even love money more than their spouses, more than their parents, more than their children and more than their very own lives.
For the love of money,some will find themselves over-working and underpaid.
Some have lost precious things because of money. For example, some have lost all their earthly possessions  because of money.
Today, I want you to know that money was created by the God of all creation.
I want you to know that God is not against anyone having money but rather He is against money having you.
1Timothy 6 and 10 affirms that the love of money is the root of all evil. God has made it clear because He knows the danger in loving money more than your creator.
There are many of you out there, who have made money your master, becoming a slave it.
Money has taken over your personality and as a result you have become so stingy and greedy for it that you don’t even want to spend it.
Some will put their money in the bank to accumulate it for years just to admire the sum of their accounts and most often end up dying leaving it for someone else to spend their wealth.
There are so many misunderstandings about money.
Even churches don’t know what the word of God teaches about money and finances. Some churches think that money is evil. Some make great emphasis on preaching about faith, love, mercy,and joy but never about money and finances.
Many don’t even know that money it is often an answer God provides as an answer to prayer in order to solve certain situations.
After pondering all of this, I asked the Lord why some people, especially Christians, become so negative when preachers talk about money. His response is that people’s spending habits and financial health demonstrates and gives a vivid picture of who they are.
In other words, money talks. It will tell on them. For example, how a person pays bills, taxes, tithes,donations, and how they budget their expenditures versus their income; speaks volumes about them. Each of these habits give a portrait of ones reliability, integrity, generosity, obedience and faith.
Matthew 6 verse 21 tells us that where your treasure is there will your heart will be also. It means, your heart or your interest will follow your treasure.
You see, if you were to , for instance, put your treasures towards the acquisition and maintenance of a motorboat; your heart will follow that motorboat out to open sea. In fact, if you make conscious decisions to sacrifice your treasure for it, then your heart is already in it. Likewise, if your heart is set on loving and serving God, you will have no problem to give  to the things God promotes here on earth.
Please keep in mind that your money is related to your life because the amount of money you receive in your paycheck is a reflection of the amount of your life or your time you give to your employer.
So it does have value but the question is how much value do you give to it?
Jesus came to give you life and life more abundantly. When you fully understand that your money represents your life, giving to others becomes more significant to you then the money itself.
Hence, money is a spiritual subject. It’s time to stop being greedy and stingy to ourselves and others.
Learn to lay down your life in the form of money and be a financial giver, be a financer for the things of God and for those around you. Your giving can help others live! Your giving can be an answer to prayer. The best part is that your rewarder is God himself.
Please note, you are not allowed to take one cent with you when you die.  So why not spend it wisely and spend it doing good?
Look at your life, in the form of money. It has the ability to accomplish more for God than you may ever have thought possible.
Today I want you to know that God loves you more than money. Can you love him more than money?