No Shoes Petra: What do we really need…

No Shoes Petra: What do we really need…



At the risk of sounding discriminatory, organizers of the Graduating Class prefer that teenyboppers and the younger ones party elsewhere because on Sunday, October 12 the dance floor at the FIRM in the West Island, will be reserved for the mature set.

Now in its fourth year, this annual event allows for those who are more discriminating in their choice of party ambiance to find a place for just one night.

Organizers of the event, Winston and Diane have chosen Thanksgiving Sunday as the day for that special celebration when what some considers being old school music and old school attitude dominate.

It’s a time when old friends and strangers get dressed up, socialize, and listen to the music we have grown to know and love and dance.

This year, the theme is All Exclusive and a special line-up deejays are ready to bring what can only be described at an exclusive touch to the evening. Everton “Spec 11” Green, Mike “Tuff” Williams, Eddie Lewis and few others will be there.

There will also be exclusive hospitality featuring the delicacies of Mama J’s Cakes and Beauteous Spa and Well-being treatments.

Add to that an exclusive laundry list of door prizes and there’s no doubt that this year’s celebration will “All Exclusive.”

Tickets sold at Mango Bay 1202 Bishop 514-872-7082, 514 Ink 5218 Queen Mary Road 514-483-4653 and Petro-Canada LaSalle 514-366-5731. For more info contact or 438-929-3067.


Meet Petra,  a little girl in a land not far away. She is somewhat a contented lass, but is burdened by the fact that she has no shoes, as most people her age and older would be.
However, in the story, No Shoes Petra, our little girl, through the help of her grandmother, was able to look beyond her bare feet and recognize “the many blessings that had been bestowed upon her daily.”
The story is weaved together by former Montrealer Donna Clarke who says she drew inspiration from stories told by her father Montreal-born Clarke, a chemical engineer, 11-06-2014 no shoes petratrained at the Université de Sherbrooke, says she was also inspired by the many children she met during her missions and development work throughout Africa, and their enthusiastic response to suggestions that they look beyond materialism in the search for spiritual fulfillment.
The book, described “as a lovely Christian-based fictional story with underlying subtle themes related to hope and self-esteem… reminds us of the many blessings that surround us each day.”
Clarke is now living in Ottawa with her husband and daughter. No doubt  No Shoes Petra will be a great gift and lesson for children.
Pick it up at Canadian Bible Society of Montreal,1340 – 625 Ste-Catherine West. 514-848-9777, Toll-Free 1-888-242-5398. Online bookstore:; CLC Brossard
9 Place du Commerce – Porte B, Brossard 514-933-9466,