The Slave Mindset …

Ysam new picture newAn individualistic way of thinking that plays us against each other and destroys us

I felt it expedient to add my penny to the recent article (Community Contact, September 15, 2016) by Rasta Keith, titled: “The Black Psyche – A Hindrance to Collective Economic Prosperity.
Granted, some of the facts outlined therein were on target, nevertheless I feel that some major hindrances were overlooked, and should be addressed.
Yes, by now we all know that the most dangerous enemy that we face is neither the Caucasian man nor the police. Instead, it is the slave mindset that promotes self rather than unity, which infects generation after generation in the community.
This individualistic mindset fails to see that we are all connected, and further fails to realize what one of us does impacts all of us. It is that very slave mindset that helps other groups to oppress us, play us against each other and destroy us.
What are the traits of the slave mindset one may ask? The answer is foremost on my mind and it’s ready to leave my lips faster than streaked lightning: Reluctance to unite. A disinclination to work together unless we can be the head, take the credit, or make money off our people in the process.
So to be politically correct, the slave mindset is a focus more on the tangible rewards that come from using our people than the help we can give to our people: a programmed or brainwashed readiness and loyalty to work harder for our oppressors than for our own people, thereby taking better care of the master’s mansion than we do for our own families, communities and relationships.
Another blatant key trait of the slave mindset is waiting on someone else to lead us, rescue us, or make our life better when we should be doing that for ourselves.
Rasta Keith notes that Dr. DeGruy, author of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, appears to have completely disregarded the role of the Christian faith and its subjugatory effect on Blacks. Yes,
the slave mindset is seen among so many of our people, every Saturday or Sunday morning when they blindly follow materialistic scripture twisters. We wait for Bishop T. D. Jakes and Pastor Chris among so many others to write books, or host conferences geared on setting us free. This is simply because we do not realize that we were already free—at least physically.
Blacks dress like Elijah Mohammed because they have been cloned. Do not get me wrong, while the Nation of Islam has done a lot of good in raising the standard for some men and women, those men and women need to have an awareness of self. An individual who knows his identity can think for himself and then he can choose to help the whole instead of being brainwashed into doing it.
We see the slave mindset throughout the many religions masquerading as spirituality, religion where the leader thinks for you, and clones himself in you as you struggle to get ahead. Yes, the slave mindset is alive and well.
Our people, because of the slave mindset, will not move forward without a leader, failing to realize that their leaders are in the mirror. We see the slave mindset, as our people are afraid to think for themselves, research and do their homework on their issues and trust their own judgment.
The infection of the slave mindset upon Blacks has caused the emergence of opportunists masquerading as leaders and mouthpieces for our people. Charlatans, who never really seem to do anything, fix anything, or resolve anything. Yet they talk a good game, and have fooled far too many (of us) with feigned words and fair speeches to deceive the hearts of the simple. They are egotists who are popular amongst our people yet when you look closer at their actual results, you find a lot of rhetoric, a ton of meetings, and other entertainment they promote – all the while never uplifting our people academically, intellectually, sociologically nor economically.
These leaders have infiltrated our churches, nonprofit and other organizations, which seem to be for our causes and us. Look at their actual results, not their stated objectives, and you can tell if they are about real change for the betterment of our people.
The slave mindset causes our people to walk in denial, refusing to look in the mirror or empower ourselves to bring about real change. We have to stop aiding in our own annihilation.
The solution to neutralizing the slave mindset is found in de-programming our thinking, eradicating the mental virus and re-programming our thinking with facts, empowerment, potential, unification, purpose, focus and identity. We have to work together, especially when we do not agree with each other and particularly when we are not the ones in charge of the endeavor.
At times we have to turn off technology, spend more quality time with our children, set the right examples, discipline based on respect instead of fear, push education, conflict resolution and vision, build businesses, participate in our children’s schools, and hold our people accountable to a standard of excellence.
Our women need to dress and behave like queens with identity and value; our men need to act like strong, responsible leaders and examples, instead of promiscuous, materialistic, irresponsible little boys. And we need to create an entirely new cycle. Family and child support court does not need to have authority over our children’s offspring and relationships.
As an individual or a people we can only know how powerful we are only if we know who we are.
We must wake up and know that yes, our future is in our hands, but we still need each other because no man or woman can tackle this world alone.
Let the greatness in you rise up, come out and destroy the mind of a slave.

Aleuta–The struggle continues.