The power of purpose

Purpose is what gives meaning to life.
Men and womePastor Julianna newn of purpose are people of impact.
Let me begin by painting the picture of your destiny. Our parents did not create  us themselves but they were channels through which the formation took place. We owe our parents our appreciation for what they did in giving us a chance to be born. Did you not know that many were aborted because no one pleaded for their lives?
To those who survived. You are not a biological accident rather you are a deliberate creation of God; you are a child of destiny, you are born for a purpose, you have been commissioned to do something of value with your life. You were selected among millions of sperm therefore you are chosen and elected by your Creator the Lord of the universe. You are a success story… make sure you tell it to the world.
Please stop treating yourself as a child of circumstances always worrying about how people are treating you, robbing you mishandling you or rejecting you .
You are a child of destiny with a special purpose and you cannot afford to live like a rolling stone or an orphan that is destitute. Appreciate your life.
You  have to rise up and take responsibility for your life on planet earth; don’t sit down lazy looking for everyone to give you a hand out. Don’t blame anyone for your failures in life either.
It is also important that you recognize that your parents have or had a timeframe  to care for you and that is until you’re 18 years of age. After that you were old enough to start taking some responsibility and  independence in order to start rolling your own ball into the court of life. As much as your parents love you, no one can play out your life and destiny but you.
Parents, however you need to respect the time you are given to train, instruct and prepare your children for life. Many of you are guilty of intercepting these children’s destinies by trying to rule them beyond their coming of age. Even though you birthed and raised them, there comes a time when you must allow them to live their own lives and discover their destinies.
We all came into this world by God’s deliberate design. He is our manufacturer and we are his products. No product determines its functions. Purpose is determined by the manufacturer, for example the use of a pen that writes was determined by the manufacturer and it was designed for that purpose but if you tried to use the pen for anything else you are just making a mockery of it.
Many people are frustrated in life because they don’t even know or have not yet  discovered that they have a purpose. Many are frustrated because they have been created to be a certain way but have not consulted the manufacturer to learn to be most effective and live a fulfilling life. Many do not ask why they were born. Some live their lives as copycats while some just sit with jealousy and envy for those that are doing well.
Don’t let another day go by without discovering what you are created to do in this life on this earth.
Readers, no matter how anointed, gifted or enlightened you may be; if you lack purpose,you will not be accomplished.
Purpose is what gives meaning to life.
You were only guaranteed to get the best results when you are doing what you are created to do.
It is time to stop doing “nothing” because if you do, you’re guaranteed success is going to be “nothing”.
If you look at everywhere as your destination, you are sure to go nowhere in life.
Life is a journey and only those who have a definite destination record and measure their  progress.
We have to take Jesus’ words seriously because he came to die in this world for a purpose and that purpose for which he came is to give us a better life, a good life, an abundant life, a resurrected life and most of all an eternal life. If you rejected Jesus as your life-giver tell me how are you ever going to discover your true purpose for living?
Seek Him today and I am sure He will reveal to you the glory and rich hope he has in store for your future … he has already told us in Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you says the Lord. Thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil. To give you hope in your final outcome.”
Now is up to you to go after it by faith.