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Please let it stand for the records from this day henceforth to all my readers that my main focus is the upliftment and progress of my people, with virtually no time for race gazing.
So here goes.
The Black community currently stands in dire need of pit bull-like characters and not chihuahuas. Yes, when it comes to the canine species there is a huge difference between a pit bull and a Chihuahua. The Chihuahua makes a lot of noise but does not really intimidate anyone. Pit bulls, on the other hand, do not have to make a single sound; their mere presence appears menacing and once they decide to attack they do so without fear or reservation.
I like the Black Lives Matter movement with its composition of energized youths, who saw a problem and decided to do something about it and at the same time galvanize Black people. A lot of people have criticized this movement for more reasons than one. Most of them are do-nothing individuals, who just sit back and criticize everything someone else does, with virtually no track record of putting forth an effort themselves.
On a personal level I do get frustrated hearing of the myriad issues that Black people are facing all over this country, it seems like every other day. It does feel a bit overwhelming.
It seems almost like every other day another Black person is assaulted, gets in a fatal encounter with the police, or receives no justice at the criminal justice or human rights level. And we find ourselves marching and protesting every week to highlight the numerous injustices that we experience on a recurring basis.
We are getting attacked in so many areas that it appears as if we are constantly on the opposite side of some large rocks that are consistently released one after another and just roll down the hill like clockwork, with the sole purpose of seeking to destroy us.
These large rocks are destructive; however, what troubles me the most is when we have many members of the Black community trying to stop these rocks from rolling down the hill to destroy and crush us. There’s always that one Black man or woman who always has something to say and steps on the scene as if they are truly able to make something happen to bring about change.
The sad reality, however, is that this wannabe hero or heroine (many of us know someone or some twos and threes in the community) is all bark and no bite. You know like I know that this person has absolutely no answer to deal with the issues Black people are facing yet they want to be the center of attention and come across as if they have the answers. Anyone come to mind yet?
That is the reason why I prefer to deal with the young people, who for the most part — although somewhat inexperienced and a tad immature — will tell it like it is, and are not afraid to get their hands dirty and mix it up a little bit.
Have you ever noticed that when the Chihuahua dog runs away, it turns around to see if the threat has moved away and once they feel unthreatened they continue right on barking loud, as if the barking is going to intimidate the perceived threat. Hilarious in some way!
Now let’s get serious.
We have got several Black people in our respective communities who are just like the Chihuahua dos. You know them too. Many of these folks have been appointed or self–appointed to so-called positions of authority and leadership, yet they do a whole lot of talking and meeting, but have nothing to show for their talking.
Meanwhile, the Black community suffered from being rolled over by a large number of rocks that represent issues that these so-called leaders cannot solve yet they keep talking and talking and still talking.
Sadly, many of these “talking heads” are aware of what is coming down the pipe that will hurt the Black community, yet they stand hand-in-hand with many of the enemies of the Black community and are complicit with the very wishes and intentions of those individuals and groups who intentionally or unintentionally seek to harm the Black community.
It is truly sad, and by the time the majority in the Black community actually come to the realization that many of these destructive decisions have been made and things set in motion, the momentum of that rock is so great that we do not have the time to develop a strategy to either handle or fight against it.
However, in usual fashion and style, the Black community has to spring into action in order to do whatever it takes to stop these actions from doing even more damage, while the talking heads provide no solutions to deal with their inept decision-making.
Black people need to wake up and realize that the answers to their problems cannot be left in the hands of those who know the rocks are coming down the hill.
We cannot any longer trust people who would rather see us get rolled over in order to have a title, position or further their own personal and business objectives.
If the people Black folks really put their faith and trust in really have the power and influence they claim to have, then why are they unable to change the things and stop the things that are harming us? If these people were the effective representatives for the Black community they claim to be, then the Black community wouldn’t be in the position it finds itself in.
The most trusting of us in the Black community need to understand we cannot and should not negotiate and talk with people and entities that have their own agenda that runs counter to the good of the Black community.
More importantly, we cannot keep barking loudly at issues, especially when what we really need are pit bulls that are willing and ready to bite hard and bite often.
I choose to be a pit bull, not a Chihuahua. More importantly, I have taken a stand with many of the young Black people in this country who are not afraid and choose to be pit bulls also.
The question is: What will you choose to be? What type of canine would better serve the interest of the Black community?

Aleuta —The struggle continues