Taking to the streets to remember Sheffield Mathews

Taking to the streets to remember  Sheffield Mathews

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On Saturday, November 7, a wide cross-section of Montrealers came together to protest police violence and to commemorate the life of Sheffield Matthews who was shot by the police during the early morning of Thursday, October 29, near to the corner of Cote St Luc Road and West Hill Avenue in N.D.G.
The event organized by Black Lives Matter Quebec, started at Trenholme Park in Notre Dame de Grace, where protestors gathered to hear a line-up of youthful speakers challenging society to reign in the powers of the police and to hold officers accountable for their action.
Protestors then took to the street, walking along Sherbrooke Street turning left on Cavendish Boulevard, making their way to the area where Mathews was killed by the police.
They gathered at the corner of Cote St. Luc and Randall streets, for more commemorations and to lay flowers and other symbols of remembrance for the father of two who came to Montreal in 2011 from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.