Stop Comparing And Start Creating…

“The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.” – Unknown
When we compare ourselves to others and envy what others have it robs us of our inner peace. And it’s almost impossible to find true contentment when we are continually comparing our selves and our lives to other people.
You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing and you don’t have to have what everyone else has to be happy.
It’s so easy to compare so many areas of our lives to others, but that eventually becomes a never ending internal battle because there will always be someone somewhere who appears to have more, look better, have more friends or have a perceived better life.
You only have to concern yourself with where you are now, where you want to go and then plan how you are going to get there.
Do your own thing: invest in your own gifts and talents and write your own story. Your story is unique to you so focus on what you’re doing not on what everyone else is doing.
The time that you spend wishing you had someone else’s life you could be creating the life that you desire.
Constant comparison can lead to bitterness, resentment, jealousy and frustration. You need to stop the cycle of comparing and start focusing on your own personal growth and improvement.
And as I always say, gratitude is key to a peaceful existence. So… you have to remember daily gratitude.
It’s okay to admire and be inspired by someone else’s success, but when it begins to affect you negatively because of envy and jealousy… then it’s time for some self-reflection.
Don’t compare yourself to others; compare yourself to the person that you were yesterday.
Did you learn something new?
Were you more aware?
Were you kind?
Did you take good care of yourself?
Were you teachable?
What can you do better today than you did yesterday to make your dream a reality?
Inevitably, we all get caught up in the trap of comparison. We all scroll through social media thinking everyone’s life is better, brighter and more exciting than our own lives. Don’t compare chapter one of your journey with someone else’s chapter 10.
And remember… you don’t know the hard work and consistency it took to get them where they are.
Acknowledge that you are comparing yourself to others. Accept where you are and change the things that you can change to begin the process of your personal transformation.
And be the best you that you can be!
Life gets easier when you stop comparing and start appreciating what you have; keep that in mind when you begin working towards your own unique personal goals.

Blessings, Bev