Still Missing The Financial Links and Bricks

The barbershop wBob White newas crowded; the Regulars were there and still talking about “Miller Time” and about all those brothers and sisters who support churches they don’t own.
“They don’t own the property. Get your own and pay rent to yourself…“ said Genius.
Just Chillin’ interrupted. “In the November 24th Gazette, Page A5, there was an article on the city of Montreal. It stated again that the city of Montreal has 103 elected officials. One mayor (who is also the mayor of the Ville Marie borough), 18 borough mayors, 46 city councilors, 38 borough councilors… The article never mentioned that only one of the city councilors is Black, and he never stands up against injustice against Blacks in the city… I don’t blame him, because he has his bills to pay, so he’s out for himself. It’s called ‘rugged individualism.’ Look out for yourself. That one city councilor is what they mean when they say ‘visible minority’.”
There was an Amen in the barbershop.
Genius put up his hand and kept waving. Now whenever that happens everyone listens.
He said, “I want everyone to stop. Stop texting your girlfriends, boyfriends, your baby mothers, and baby fathers. And you, Dropout shut off your phone, why? Because I can say with authority that no one has anything of importance to talk about, because you don’t own anything. Whenever you have a function you always have to ‘rent space’. God bless the children that have their own. So you’re not blessed. Did you know there are over 200 religions, what’s yours? Don’t look at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about…”
There are three ways of learning: reading, talking, and travelling. You don’t read, and when you do, you read about the wife of Kanye West, that millionaire rapper that has a wife that does nothing but gets a lot of money just to show up at a gala. You read the Bible and you’re still in the same sorry situation.
You have not advanced since the slave ship Amazing Grace brought you over here against your will. You talk with each other about nothing when you talk. Your conversation is all about yourself, without substance.
This conversation is not about criticizing anyone; this conversation is about enlightening everyone.
Did you know that one weekend there were 25 parties, or galas, all around Montreal, and not one of them made any “real money.” And there is not one promoter in Montreal who is Black that   does party promotion for a living. And there is not one reception hall in Montreal that is owned and operated by a Black person with a 600 capacity space.
I bet you didn’t know this, that there are over 25 parties on a weekend run by Blacks. We just love to “party all the time” and give someone else our money instead of keeping and allowing the money to circulate among ourselves, like other ethnic groups do.
We’ re insane.
Genius took a sip of sorrel, then said, “Now listen to me closely, “When Prof. Mac B. Morant (he was born October 15, 1946, Google him) wrote that book back in the day, which talks “us”, or you, you, and you, why you think the way you do.
Po Boy put up his hand and said, “What’s all this about climate change and Greenhouse gas? What I do know is that there are 36 million guns in the USA, and that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white guy. Imagine!
Rosa Parks “was polite,” but adamantly refused “to relinquish her seat in the “Coloureds” section of a city bus so a white man could sit.”
This was an iconic moment in the civil rights movement, and for doing that she was arrested in Montgomery, Ala. in 1955. This vaulted the seamstress to international recognition.” Her stance was also a catalyst for increased activism against various repressive laws. She got fired from her job, couldn’t find work, so she moved to Detroit with her husband.
On her death in 2005, she became the first woman to lie in state in the US capital. And the country’s flag flew at half-mast.
Po Boy continued, “I don’t know about climate change, ” but I know about the father of CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield, the great middle distance runner, Mal Whitfield, who passed away after suffering from heart disease and prostate cancer.
He won three gold medals in the 1948 Olympics in London, UK.”
And former head of the Olympics, Avery Brundage, was 100 per cent right when he said America would be a second-class country in the summer Olympics if it weren’t for their superior Black athletes. Now he’s white, I’m Black, and I’m just quoting him. Don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger telling you the TRUTH.”
Dropout put up his hand.
Po Boy said. “I’m not finished yet. I looked in a dictionary the other day for the word insanity, it said If you keep doing the same thing all the time and expect different results, you’re bordering on insanity.” So we had a meeting with the Ways and Means Committee and we all agreed that the dictionary is wrong.  It says if you keep doing the same thing all the time and expect different results you’re bordering on insanity.”
“I’ll tell you why the dictionary is wrong. Take ten churches in Montreal with predominantly Black congregations, where people go every Saturday or Sunday for the last twenty years, make a donation in the collection plate every Saturday… Sunday and they still do not own the building; that’s insanity. The same churches can put aside three hundred dollars and the money would add up. Remember, these days most churches are for sale, and they’re being transformed into condos and reception halls. So since Blacks and Philippinos are going to church…” Professor said, “Come on, let me speak. Gimme a chance to speak.“
“You better have something interesting to say or I’ll get a call from Joe or Yvonne at St. Mary’s Hospital.”
Money said, “Let me say something. Last week I talked with a couple so-called party promoters. I asked them, do you do that for a living? They said no. I asked them, “Can you make a living doing that, because you do not own any reception halls, no clubs, and you do not have a permit for a reception hall that can hold 500 people. And I hear that you only cater to your own. So how can you make any money?”
“Robin Hood and his band of merry men worked with the rich and helped the poor.”
Money said, “Tito Jackson from the Jackson Five came into Montreal, sold out two shows at the Metropolis, autographed and auctioned two guitars. That’s called working smarter not harder.”
“There’s not one Black promoter in Montreal that does promotions for a living, if there is just call Community CONTACT and let us know here at the office, so we can help. So this is not criticizing.”
We’ll give you an example: Trevor Payne and the Jubilation Choir rehearsed at the Union United Church for years, something happened there, I don’t know what. He left the church, did big numbers at St. James United Church downtown, then left St. James United because he had a deal with the promoter, now he sells out Place Des Arts every year. Because it’s ‘all about the Benjamins,’ Puff Daddy said, and Albert Einstein said, “next to money it’s oxygen.”
Old Timer said, “Turn off Doctor Oz, cos’ I know all you guys know that Harpo Productions is Oprah spelled backwards. But every time I think of the holidays I think about Little Stevie Wonder (now they just call him Stevie Wonder). I saw in the east end many years ago playing his harmonica. About this time every year, I think about that song he wrote. With all the madness in the world, that song is apropos.
Let me try and remember it while you’re texting your baby mothers and fathers…