Sledge Hammer on a Mosquito

Saudi Arabia’s response to Canadian tweet

By: Alwin Spence

It is no secret that Canadians are very surprised over the heavy response to the tweet sent by our foreign service to the government Saudi Arabia.
While the mosquito was perched harmlessly on the best piece of china on the mahogany dining table, the Saudi took a sledge hammer to kill this nuisance once and for all. Whoosh! Smash! Bang! Bang! But the mosquito escapes and may eventually return.
In the meanwhile, the expensive china, other dishes on the table and the table itself are destroyed. It will be hard to replace any of these damaged, prized items. Let’s face it, the sting of the mosquito hurts, but it is not life-threatening, so isn’t the cure too expensive or even uncalled for –an overdose of medicine.
Canada has human rights issues with its own Aboriginal peoples but this should not stop it from condemning other countries with similar issues. I am sure that Canada feels ashamed of how it has treated its Aboriginals, and will admit to it and endeavor to correct it, however slowly.
The message of the Minister’s tweet did not carry any threat of punishment. It was not an ultimatum. It was not if you don’t, I will do. It was just a reminder, a gentle pull on the coat. So why this great, loud huff and puff by the Saudis.
The contents of the tweet do not warrant such an outburst, such overreaction. Is it worth it? What does the sting of a mosquito cause? A little bump, a red mark, a little pain. This bite does not come with any long-term or permanent damage. Bump today, gone tomorrow.

What to do now?

Face to face meeting of the two heads of State. Not to talk about human rights, but to correct the damage that this has caused. This does not mean an apology, but an understanding of the feelings of both countries. Sometimes what is a joke to one, is death to the other. A simple mosquito sting to one may be a cancerous sore to the other; herein lies the problem. Fix it.
It may just be a question of misjudged images on both sides – a difference of perception. But should this break up the friendship between two allies? No! Because no one may be really wrong here. So sit down and deal with the issue or get another to sit both countries down to start talking.

Lesson for Canada.

The power of the Saudis is in its oil and wealth.
Is Canada without power? Canada has people and natural resources. People with a conscience, who are liked all over the world. That is Canada’s power-base. But if Canada is to become really powerful, it must rid itself of its fear of immigrants. Selective immigration to particular areas, with the express purpose of development could become Canada’s wealth in the near future.
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver may not need massive influxes of immigrants. The Great White North and many other parts with natural resources badly need people to work and build.
Simple question, why did many of us leave our warm countries to come to this cold, cold Canada? The answer would be similar for the new immigrants who may be heading north or to the other very cold areas. To think of it. What is most important to all of us? A salary, so one can afford the necessities of life which includes making life better for the new generation. Climate is not the issue here. So make Canada great through immigration.

Dr. Spence is a Canadian by Choice.