God’s grand design for mankind

God’s Grand design for mankind is to have dominion

In the beginning, God created man in his own image, and He blessed us and gave us the ability to create, to be fruitful, to multiply and to replenish the earth.
The only Earthly creature that can do amazing things through innovative thinking is mankind.
We were born to create and have dominion; we are the crown of creation. We are made to show the world what God is like because we are made in his likeness.
Please know that this mandate to have dominion is for all races, classes, and sizes. God designed dominion with equality in mind.
We as a Black people truly need to know about our Creator. In discovering His character we will be more effective in understanding our true selves and true potential. God is creative; the evidence is in the wonders of Earth, like the tropics, the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, the Amazon rainforest, even the transformation of the leaves in fall. His creations are diverse, beautiful and complement one another.
God wants us, as a Black race, to also take hold of this dominion mandate and rise up as a nation of people to take our place on Earth.
It’s time to confront the injustices, the lies and stereotypes about the Black race as being inferior and the white race as being superior. That is not part of God’s design nor his plan. He wants us to become fruitful, not only in having babies but to multiply, subdue and have dominion.
This dominion is not for men and women to dominate one another, but rather God specifies that our dominion should be over the birds, animals, the fishes, etc.
What is taking place in world societies today is out of God’s order.
God never intended that any race should oppress another; he never intended for any nation to oppress another nation. God does not believe in racism; God only wants reciprocal respect of nations.
There is no room in the Bible for the concept of supremacy of one nation over another, or one race above another.
It’s time for us of the Black race and community to rise up and take our place to educate ourselves, to become fruitful and to multiply.
It is the imagination of the Creator that causes us to create. So let us begin to create wonderful things for the advancement and betterment of our people.
We must take some time to renew our minds to tap into our God-given creativity in order to understand just how creative we are.
We are born loaded with potential and abilities to create. Take a good look at civilization and you will see how creative human beings have been throughout history. Everything on Earth was created in the mind of a man: schools, airplanes, cars, buses, skyscrapers, the list goes on.
There are also wonderful paintings, carvings, sculptures and designs in fine art that were all created in the minds of men.
Do you see how the enemy is often after your mind to destroy it. Do not let him! Take a stand!
This information is to remind you of just how loaded you are and remind you of how great and how productive you can be. You are loaded with gifts, loaded with potential, loaded with vision.
God wants you to take your dominion of Earth and impact your generation with your God-given gifts and talents.

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