Shakeel Phinn: Fighting the Good Fight

Shakeel Phinn: Fighting the Good Fight

From his collegiate boxing days to navigating the challenges of a global pandemic and embracing fatherhood, Shakeel Phinn has continued to evolve, both as a boxer and as an individual.
Etching his name in the annals of Canadian boxing history. Phin, is a formidable presence in the super middleweight category, has not only clinched the Canadian Super Middleweight belt but has also recently added another feather to his cap by winning a championship title in May this year.
Phin’s foray into boxing was coincidental. While doing some strength training for football at Champlain College in St. Lambert, he stumbled upon the world of boxing. His initial training at Club de Boxe oneXone Boxing Gym in St. Hubert was intended to complement his football training, but he soon found himself enamored with the sport. The thrill of the fight and the rigors of the sport quickly became his passion.
Since turning pro in 2015, Phin has been on an upward trajectory. “Every fight is a new challenge, a new opportunity to prove myself,” Phin says. His debut victory over Eddie Gates was just the beginning. Notable among his achievements was his match against Paul Bzdel in Saskatchewan, where he won a unanimous 10-round decision. Known as the ‘Jamaican Juggernaut’, Phin’s moniker reflects his powerful fighting style and his Jamaican heritage.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, pausing many professional sports, including boxing. Phin, like many athletes, was compelled to adapt.

“It was tough, but I kept training at home. I knew I had to stay in shape, stay ready,” he says. This period also coincided with him becoming a father of two, a role that he says “lit a new fire” in him. “I want my sons to see what it means to fight and to win. It’s not just about the sport; it’s about setting an example.” Phinn said to the CONTACT.
With renewed vigor, Phin signed with United Boxing Promotions, setting his sights on acquiring more titles.

“I am determined to have more wins I’m motivated to keep getting better.”

Phinn’s influence extends beyond his personal achievements in the ring. He is the co-founder of Donnybrook gym located in Saint Henri, a testament to his commitment to nurturing new talent. His is a space where both professional and amateur boxers can explore the world of boxing and develop their skills.
Shakeel actively encourages young people to “give boxing a try, not only for those who want to be pros but even for fitness. You don’t need to work out before, just start from where you are at and build your stamina and endurance.”

With his sights set on more titles and a commitment to nurturing young talent, Shakeel remains a beacon of inspiration in Montreal’s sporting landscape and beyond.