Remember the words of Dr. King Jr. and embrace your value

As we are in the second month of the year, the month that has been dedicated to Black history, we must talk about our story.
As a Black race, we must make an effort to attack the racism within our own race. We must appreciate the colour(s) of our skin and the diversity of our race. Whether black-skinned, light-skinned, brown-skinned, dark-skinned, medium brown, light brown or yellow-skinned, we are all God’s creations.
We are wonderfully made by the skilled master craftsman, God himself, therefore we must stop labeling skin color. Some will compliment the smooth, rich, even tone of the dark-pigmented individuals, whereas some only have nice things to say for the light and fair-coloured individuals of the Black race. Some even say, with slight disappointment, “if it was not for my hair, I would pass for a white person…”
Tell me, why do you so long to pass for something that you are not?
There is so much confusion in the minds of some people of the Black race about skin colour that if we don’t stop that behaviour soon we will have to take our skin to the Supreme Court to find out who is really from the black race by means of legal judgment and DNA.
God is the creator of all races on the face of the earth. He sees us as a big bunch of beautiful flowers with all different shades and colours.
We can never deny the beauty of that bunch of flowers.
Many will make positive comments about those flowers. Some will get close to smell the roses, some will even touch the flowers because of the beauty created by the assembling of the different colours, shapes and aroma of individual flowers. We even pay up to $30 for a bouquet (arrangement) of assorted flowers, which decorate the most lavish of events. Yet, I have never heard anyone make racist comments about a bunch of flowers.
Just like a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful garden let us begin to see the beauty of our (individual and collective) colours, shades and cultures. Why can’t we start to appreciate our race and other races and make positive comments about them?
We need to get rid of the hate in our hearts and fill our hearts with love. The word of God commands us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.
Imagine if you apply this rule, but still have issues with loving yourself, what kind of treatment do you think your neighbour will get from you?
This year, please make some ajustments and get a 20/20 vision about your race and appreciate our lovely Black men and wonderful Black women. Yes, some may have done you wrong; it is a character flaw, not a racial flaw. So do not tarnish and speak badly about all Black men or women because of the treatment and behaviour of one individual within a community. Please forgive them and continue to say nice things about our race.
If you are not willing to work on this “black story” to be part of the solution, do not increase the problem by speaking badly of black people. If you are not willing to judge a person by their individual character, but rather choose to continue to insult and say mean things about Black men or women then please do not use that same mouth to utter or mention the name Martin Luther King Jr. again. His life was sacrificed for the cause of the Black race and as a result Black History Month is in remembrance of the price he paid to bring justice and equality to Black people all over the world.
Remember his words and embrace your value.
May the soul of this powerful Black man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rest In peace.
On behalf of all the Black race, we salute his courage and commitment to us all.

Pastor Julianna Daniel