Paving the Way to Mental Health Awareness

It’s a New Year and the CONTACT is boldly kicking off 2021, with a brand new wellness initiative.
How? By leading the way and prioritizing a focus on mental health awareness within our community.
I am excited to announce that the Contact will be launching a series of articles featuring the latest information on mental wellness. As a licensed therapist, I will be sharing my expertise with tips and strategies in each article, as well as answering your questions such as:
• How does counseling work anyways?
• Does counseling involve lying down on a couch?
• What is the difference between a psychologist and a doctor?
• Isn’t therapy for sick people?
Life during a pandemic can certainly be hard, but even in less difficult times; life brings challenges and obstacles that we each must face.
This year, I will be traveling on a journey of wellness with you and providing a lot of practical tools to help you to become the best version of yourself and to teach you how to find and maintain a sense of peace and life balance.
So, join me and together let’s make this the year of H.O.P.E.:
H – Hold on to your dreams and pursue your goals despite the pandemic.
O – Obstacles can be surpassed and learned from.
P – Practise open communication with others this year. (Reach-out and call friends and loved ones directly and take a break from the constant texting and emailing.)
E – Explore opportunities. 2021 is a great moment in time to learn more about yourself and share your talents with others. This world has so much to offer, so seize the opportunities.
I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts, stories and ideas of how you aim to engage in H.O.P.E. this year. Together let’s leap into it.

Be well!

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