No Touch Of Red but lots of Parang

As the year draws to an end many of my supporters are still voicing their disappointment over the postponing of the annual Touch Of Red party, Montreal’s biggest end-of-season event, which
But on a brighter note we can still look forward to a live show featuring Soca artist Terra D Governor and ShortPree, and the start of Parang season.

The 7th edition of Touch of Red was set for Saturday, November 9th, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, it had to be postponed and rescheduled to next year, 2020..
Touch Of Red has been running for six years straight bring to party goers a long lineup of international stars including: Chuck Gordon in 2013; Fireman Hooper in 2014 Hypa Sounds in 2015 -, Problem Child in 2016 Riggo Suave & Skinny Banton in 2017 and International Stephen in 2018.
Party goers can look forward to the coming of Grenadian superstars Terra D Governor and ShortPree who are scheduled to perform in Montreal on Friday, November 22nd at Diagnosis. They will be the last Soca acts to perform in Montreal for this year.
And just like that, the Parang season is here.

Parang is a popular folk music originating out of Trinidad and Tobago. This Christmastime music genre was brought to Trinidad by Venezuelan migrants, and it remains a strong influence on the celebration of the season.
Over the years Parang eventually merged with Soca to create “Soca Parang.” and although it feels as if Soca parang music is on the down low in our community entertainment scene these days thanks to partnership of Digital Movement and West Can Folk Performers Montrealers get a chance to enjoy a little paranging.
Parang Jam is on Saturday 7th December. This is also an all-inclusive event with delights like black cake, sorrel, sweetbread and a lot more Christmas treats. Soca Parang music and vibes are guaranteed.

Island Facts:

  • Nov 25th, 1975 – Suriname gained independence from the Netherlands.
  • Nov 28th 1967 – Dancehall lovers’ rock artist Sanchez was born on this day.
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