Merry Humanitarian Christmas

Sure it is almost the time of year when Christmas is here. I am sure that many of us have thanked the Lord Jesus for coming down to Earth and being born in Nazareth, then our concentration turns to buying the gifts, decorating the pine tree and baking the turkey and sweets. But wait! How many of us even bother to pray for, give to, or volunteer in helping the less fortunate?
Gone are the days when many could rightfully claim ignorance to the tragedies that are both international and local. Turning on the television, reading the newspaper and listening to the radio all confirm the same: how blessed we are and how needy others are.
Then comes the gentle voice or knock on your heart, will you do something or just continue on your way?
In North America we are bombarded with ample opportunities and ways to lavish our time and money on whatever we may choose, but how many turn to the ‘least of these’ and do something positive for them?
This Christmas, look toward the depressed, the ill, the Church and the elderly… If Jesus were here, what would He be doing?
“Verily I say unto you whatever you have done for the least of these, truly you have done unto me’ Mathew 25|:40.