Let faith conquer your fears

Impact: It’s time to break our pact with fear and be free from its crippling effects…

It’s time Pastor Julianna newto be strong and of good courage. Too many people have great dreams and visions, but nothing ever happens with them because of the spirit of fear.
Fear has become a brand name. People may define it as phobia or terror and now have all sorts of categories and names for it, but it is all the same spirit: fear.
Some are afraid of taking elevators, plane trips and bus rides; some fear cats and dogs; and some are fearful of marriage, relationships and even friendships; some have fears of credit cards and loans.
At this point, I believe fear is ruling peoples’ lives too much and paralyzing them, nations, and cities. We see fear working its way to cause wars in the Middle East and it remains at the root of many of the prejudices and hatred here in North America.
It’s time for us to break our pact with fear and be free of its crippling effects. You will never become a man or a woman of impact if fear is your best friend. I thank God for the word every day in my life, especially when it comes to dealing with fear.
Fear will come and attempt to intimidate and paralyze anyone of us if we allow it to; remember, God says that he has not given us the spirit of fear, but of Love, power and a sound mind.
What we really need in this society is the spirit of faith; it will give you the confidence that you can do all things through the Lord Jesus Christ who gives you strength. When fear comes around we feel weak and inferior, but when the greater and stronger one dwells in you, He is the hope of glory and empowerment in your life. I encourage you to have faith in God and know that with Him, you can do all things, even when it’s bigger than you.
Again, I encourage you to have faith in God and His word and you will be able to boldly fight your fears and fulfill your dreams, visions and goals.
Come on readers, it is time for you to launch out in the deep and start that business you’ve always dreamed of, buy that house you’ve envisioned your family living in, or that car you’ve had your eye on.
Listen, life is a journey and we must walk our way through it. Although we evidently cannot know the next path ahead we cannot fear each step. God, however, knows the journey ahead including each path, each trail, each storm and each aspect of the journey of our lives and He is willing to guide you by his spirit.
Listen to the still small voice in your heart and follow His direction. It takes faith to live so we may as well have faith in the one who knows who is the way and what lies ahead. He has the power and authority to still waters and storms for your sake. He says call on me and I will answer and save you. Call on God; his name is Jesus.
Without faith you will be a wreck. Even if it means to have the assurance to make it through the day, that is faith. When you leave home for work you have faith that you will return home at the end of the day in one piece. If not, I could only imagine what a fearful day you would lead if you were to constantly worry and fear each moment. Put your faith in God and thank him for his protection and for health and strength. When you are strong in your faith, the sky is your limit.
Faith is not to be taken lightly; you need it each day to fight your fears.
I encourage you to start confessing your visions for your life, dreams and aspirations and begin to set goals to achieve them. The theme song for the space Jam movie says it best: “If I can see it, then I can do it…If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it.”
Start believing that your creator has faith in you. He has given you the ability to believe His word and activate the hidden power in the word. He is faithful to those who have faith in him.
Put your faith in action and be willing to drive away all your fears that have been hijacking your destiny. Delete all the fears from your mind and heart. Be strong, bold and courageous; help is here to overcome every fear!