Hampstead Harry talks to “You People”

The Racism and Politics of Economics from the Horses mouth

The barbershop waBob White news empty when Hampstead Harry came in, nobody asked him anything and he said, “I was in Florida, I’m just here to pick up some difficult rents, and I’m going back. I feel that I can talk very freely when no one is here, because a lot of times when I’m here “you people” make me nervous, because I know some of the people that come here are unemployed. And people, White or Black make me nervous.
Rufus the barber said, “If you’re nervous around certain Blacks, you better talk fast because it will start to get busy and the customers will see that car you drive parked in front of the door, and they know what you’re all about. (Money) they will come in, in a different mindset.”
Hampstead Harry said, “I collect rent from Black tenants, not all of my tenants are Black because I have some expensive units. It’s not that Blacks cannot afford expensive units, but I have a lot of white people that I rent to. I do not rent to anyone that’s on welfare.”
While Hampstead Harry was getting his hair cut, he started to get relaxed, he then said, “Listen to me carefully Rufus, there’s only one person in here and you, cutting my hair. Let me tell you what I have observed about “you people,” if I’m wrong tell me. Don’t be angry when I say, “you people” because that’s what they call you guys behind your back, and often right in your face. Why?  Because “they” know you guys are not organized economically or politically. We keep you guys separated, because we know you’re ignorant, you’re insane, and I’ll tell you why. Don’t get angry, just listen, if I’m wrong, just put up your hand or take notes.
Many, many years ago my father used to take me with him to collect rents. When it was a tenant who was Black, we used to go into the house and sit; he would point to his eyes suggesting that I look around. When we got the check from the tenant, he would always ask me, did you see any books in the house? I would always tell him no, and asked why? I’ll never forget the answer my father gave me.
He said, “A great man once said, the best way to hide something from Black people is to put it in a book.” And this was way back, and nothing has changed with Blacks. See I didn’t say  “you people,” because I really feel sorry for you, like another great man said, “If you keep doing the same ring all the time, and expect different results, you’re boarding on insanity. Albert Einstein we live now in the information age. Blacks have gained the opportunity to read any book on any subject through the efforts of your fight for freedom. Yet you still refuse to read. There are numerous books readily available at all kinds of book stored, and Aamzon.com, books that provide solid blueprints to reach economic equality (which should have been the fight all along), but few consistently, if at all.
Greed is another powerful weapon of containment. “You people”,  since the abolition of slavery, have had large amounts of money at your disposal. I read that “you people” spent 10 billion dollars during Christmas, out of the 450 billion dollars in total yearly income.
Any of us can use “you people” as our target market for any business venture we care to dream up, no matter how outlandish, “you people” will buy into it.
Being primarily consumers “you people” function by agreed. You want more, more, with little thought for saving or investing. “You people” would rather buy some new sneakers or jewelry than investing in or starting a business. Some of you guys even neglect your children to have the latest SUV and a big house; it suggests status or achievement of success. “You people” are fools or Blacks are fools, or Afro-Canadians are fools, I don’t want to tell you what the White folks call you.
They did a survey in Quebec about racism (you must have heard it). It wasn’t nice. The vast majority of Blacks are still in poverty because their greed prevents them from collectively making better choices, better selections. So with the help of the media that broadcast destructive images into your homes, “you people” will continue to ensure that huge profits are made by Tommy (Tommy Hilfiger) and Nike. Remember he once said he didn’t want your money, and look at how “you guys” spend more than ever before.
White folks will continue to show off to each other and build solid communities with the profits from our businesses that target “you people.” Selfishness, ingrained in your minds through slavery is one of the major ways white folks can still continue. (And we do.)
One of “your people” W.E. Dubois said that there was an innate division in your culture. I’m a White guy and I know all about what he said, I have to know because I collect money and have been for years from “you people.” A “talented tenth” he called it. He was correct in his deduction that there are segments of your culture that has achieved some “form” of success. However, that segment missed the fullness of his work. They didn’t read the “talented tenth” was then responsible to aid the non-talented ninety percent in achieving a better life.
A perfect example is when one of our people gets a position in the three levels of government, we do not forget our own, we still go to the same places, and our kids still go to the same places that we went to before we got elected. Why? Because we know it will not last forever. This is one of the reasons why “you people” will never achieve like we have.
I’m not finished yet; I will not be long. The selfishness of “your people” does not allow, “you people” to be able to work together on any endeavor of substance. When “you people” do get together, your selfishness lets egos get in the way of goals. Your so-called “help organizations” seem only to promote [names] without making any real change in your so-called Black community.
“You people” are content to sit in conferences and conventions in our hotels and reception halls and talk about what they will do, while they award plaques and put people on a calendar—not the best doers, but the best speakers. Is there no end to their selfishness? They’re steadfast in their refusal to see that together each achieves more (team) they do not understand that they are no better than each other because of what they own.
I hope you understand what I said; if you don’t there is nothing more that I can do for you. You have the same education that we have, out the difference in you and us, is that we are organized, so we think different.
Crystal came into the barbershop and Hampstead Harry said, “I see it’s time for me to go; your customers are starting to come in and I don’t know if they want to listen to what I have to say.”
Rufus the barber said, “Good bye, and I’ll see you next month when you stop by to collect rents in the area. Tell your son I said hello and to stop by for a haircut.”
Professor said, “The federal election is coming up soon, let me tell you how it works. That guy Hampstead Harry and his people will elect their people. Once they get elected that person who got elected still stays with them socially. They still help them, after they resign or get voted out, they still stay with their people.
Dropout said, “Where are you going with this?”
Professor said, “It’s obvious, do our people do the same? If not, then why not?”
We (Blacks) should have never lost the NCC, never lost the Black Studies Center, the Elks… And why give money to a church that you will never own, to hand over to the next generation, Union United Church? Right now it’s prime property on Delisle Street.
If Blacks were organized (185,000) they could buy their own church to worship. Every other ethnic group does it and they don’t have a big population like Blacks do.
Welfare Wesley said, “What’s the problem?”
Crystal said, “It’s Crystal Clear. One, ignorance, greed and selfishness.”
Just Chillin said, “What about the Blacks who do not want to be black, they want to lighten their skin, thinking that they will be accepted by White folks, not thinking they will never be accepted. Look at City Hall, there are 55 City Councilors in the city of Montreal and one is Black? But you have a population of 185,000?
The Irish Community in Montreal used to be in Point St-Charles, St-Henri, no more, but they are still organized. The Jewish Community used to be in the area of Park Avenue and Mont Royal, no more. Now it’s Dollard des Ormeaux, Cote St. Luc and Hampstead.
The latest Community Contact was dropped off at the barbershop (March 5, 2015) everybody started reading it, then the Genius put up his hand and said
“Stop reading and call an emergency meeting for tomorrow. Call Brossard Bagel, get some bagels and patties and stop by Boucherie Notre Dame and get some cream cheese, and don’t forget some sorrel.”
Next day before the barbershop opened for business, all the Regulars and the Ways and Means was present.
Professor said, “I’ll start first. This writer fella Bryan Bishop said, “I am extremely happy that Black History Month is over, for the simple reason that there is no equivalent Jewish, Chinese or White history month.
Well someone has to pull his coat and tell him that the reason why there is a Black History Month is because Black history is not taught in the schools, and it should be, unlike Asians who learn their own history at a young age.
Stop by Dawson College on a weekend and you will see young Asians attending school; they rent the CEGEP. Ask any University student who is Black what happened in 1968 in Mexico City. Or what man spoke to 250,000 people; he didn’t sing or dance. He did it August 28, 1963. Who was Benjamin Banneker? Who was Dr. Charles Drew? Who was Jessie Owens? Who was James Baldwin?
This is one reason why they should teach Black History in schools and have a Black History Month. And once a week play the song by singer Billie Holiday “Strange fruit” and Nina Simone, “Young Gifted and Black.” Also, James Brown, “Open the door, I’ll get it myself.”…