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People and The Right Ingredients equals success

Everybody in the barbershop was vibrating on a high frequency. The regulars of the Ways and Means Committee were talking about the speech Member of Parliament Marc Miller made on behalf of his very good friend, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. If he weren’t preoccupied with the nation’s business that evening, he would’ve been at the CommunityCONTACT gala.
What a night… what a celebration!
Professor said, “Political attaché Lisa Montgomery was seen talking with Oliver Jones and Olympian Wayne Yearwood. And some of the organizers were overheard singing McFadden and Whitehead’s big hit, “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now…”
“Someone also said they overheard some of the organizers whispering about ‘a next big gala’ with a keynote speaker by the name of Michel Obama, soon-to-be former First Lady, or even the soon-to-be former President of the United States. If that ever falls into place, Dr. Dexter Johnson will be on the organizing committee.”
“I couldn’t make it,” Big Mouth told the regulars of the Ways and Means Committee, “but I heard it was a big success… How come that kind of celebration didn’t happen before?”
Ole Timer jumped in, “Because the organizers were waiting for the 25th anniversary of the CONTACT. Timing is everything. And it’s gonna be bigger and better next year when Montreal also has its big celebration. You know why? The publisher has a direct line to some big names… stay tuned.”
Dropout put up his hand. “There was an August 4, 2016, story in the CommunityCONTACT about the Best Coconut Sweet Bread Maker in Montreal. Whoever won should know that ‘one Robin doesn’t make a spring.’ So we’ll see who wins it next year, if there’s another contest. If the same person wins next year on then she will deserve the title of Best Sweet Bread Maker in Montreal, maybe all of Canada.”
There was an Amen from the Ways and Means Committee in the barbershop.
Everybody was on the 411 about the evening for Carol Eccles, and the excellent food served up by Patsy Maxwell. It was so good people are saying it should be available in supermarkets. Never mind Patti Labelle’s pies–although they may be good–we have people right here who could produce the same quality food…
Genius interrupted, “Did you know that Bob White does not write the column for the CommunityCONTACT. He used to go to the different barbershops with the regulars to get the 411 and then submit it to the CONTACT. But he trained some of the regulars… to go to the different barbershops, while he goes with another group to visit patients in certain hospitals who do not have many visitors. He also arranges with certain restaurants and clothing manufactures to donate food and clothing to the homeless.”
There was another loud “Amen” in the barbershop.
Just Chillin’ walked into the barbershop casually and started talking about he just came back from New York City, where he spent the weekend…
Deacon interrupted him, “Who asked you where you were, and who really cares…?”
“You’re one hundred percent right, Deacon. However, if you don’t want to hear what I have to say just keep texting your baby mother. You know the one that took 15 minutes to build an egg… that used to burn Jello. The same one who drove your convertible to a carwash and forgot to put the top up before driving through… Yes, that one.”
Some of the Ways and Means Committee busted out laughing…
“Now don’t interrupt me again, Deacon,” Chillin’ said, “or I’ll tell everybody here that there’s a bus leaving for Toronto soon and you’ll be under it. Or how it was back in the day with your family. You were so po’ your mother said the garbage man is coming and you said to tell him leave bags please.”
More laughter…
“Now let me start over,” Just Chillin’ said. “I was in New York for the weekend and everybody’s talking… not about the upcoming presidential election, or about Blacks getting killed by the police, they’re talking about a story in The New York Times. Here’s a scoop, “Stolen, Sold and Savored: Cold Treat Is a Hot Commodity.” People are stealing ice cream. “The police asked the public for assistance in identifying four suspects in a string of ice cream thefts since at least November. They have stolen approximately 1,249 cartons or bars of ice cream and gelato in 11 thefts, the police said. All the thefts took place in chain stores like Duane Reade, CVS and Rite Aide.”
“They come at night, like two or three of them, with bags…They fill them up and run out of the store…”
“This is no joke. Read the story in the Monday, September 5, New York Times.”
Man! Only in NYC… God Bless them!
Dropout asked the Genius, “What about that Colin Kaepernick issue?”
The Genius responded, “Did you read or hear what John Legend had to say about it? Check the Friday, September 2, 2016 Montreal Gazette. Here’s an excerpt from Doug Camilli: Legend stands up for right to sit down… […] Quick – who said this about the U.S. national anthem? “I’m very good at singing it. Like, one of the best.”
Nope, not Donald Trump.
Would you believe John Legend, who’s normally not a boastful guy? “Perhaps Trumpism is contagious, like a virus! […] Legend was speaking…in defence of Colin Kaepernick, the NFL star who refused to stand up for the Star-Spangled Banner. Legend’s specific point was that musically, the song is no special treat… My vote is for America the Beautiful.”
To Be Honest asked, “What is President Obama’s take on the Kaepernick affair?”
“Simple,” some members of the W&M said in unison. Someone pulled our a newspaper and read, [He said] “…Colin Kaepernick… is exercising his constitutional right by refusing to stand during the national anthem, a decision that has created considerable controversy since he first took the action…I think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about,” Mr. Obama said. “And if nothing else, what he’s done is he’s generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about.”
The Genius put up his hand again and said, “I don’t know if Colin was raised properly, but I know about the wounds of the past in the USA. This is not a theory; it’s about facts. Colin Kaepernick knows that Francis Scott Keys—slave master, owned slaves, and one of the lines in the Star-Spangled Banner is about the Land of the Free… and the home of the brave. Meaning ‘brave’ like Muhammad Ali who took a stand, and proved that he was right. All this wouldn’t have happened if Colin did not take a stand. Me, I’ll tell you what’s important.”
Professor asked, “How do you know if your child is addicted to technology?
Ask yourself the following questions: Does your child get fidgety, anxious and/or angry if they don’t have their device? Is your child playing video games for more than two hours a day? Are teachers complaining that your child is falling asleep in class? These are just some of the many questions Dr. Nicholas Kardaras asks in an article, Digital Heroin, about the increasing use of digital gadgets by children. Then reach out for help,” he advises.
Everybody said, Amen.
School Boy said, “Ole Timer, my parents said to ask you about what’s going on at Union United Church?”
Ole Timer said, “Tell your parents once they own the property then I will give them my answer. Because I was involved since 1940, but not anymore.”
Dropout asked, “Ole Timer, Are you a member of a church?”
“No!” Ole Timer answered.
Why not? Ole Timer asked, “I will join a church if it has an outreach program for the youth to guide them and show them how to be catalysts, how to get along in a dysfunctional society, and how to be game changers. I will join a church if it would provide food, clothing, and show the congregation how to obtain low-income housing. I would join a church if they owned the property. I would join a church if it had an outreach program to visit jails, and most importantly, a church that has a soup kitchen and a meals-on-wheels program. There’s no reason why families, especially Blacks living below the poverty line, should have a problem feeding and clothing their kids and have a problem obtaining both basic necessities…”
Remember, this is a rich city and when you reach out to the right people your problems will be solved. Show me a church that’s organized and structured, and owns the property, and I will join it along members of the Ways and Means Committee.”
Food, clothing and shelter are the bottom line. Everything else is table talk.
Remember, the biggest holiday in the world is coming soon and there’s no reason why families living below the poverty line in Montreal – and there are no reasons any of them – should not have food and clothing for the Christmas holidays and beyond.