IMPACT: Time For Battle!

It is time to battle for your destiny and the destiny of your families and that of your nation.
This battle must be fought on going on your knees to pray, and seeking the face of God.
We are in this battle (war) but it’s not a real war, nor are we using natural weapons like guns, missiles, etc. Rather, it’s a spiritual battle, which is unseen, yet its effects are very real.
Please, do not say that you don’t believe in battles or warfare; we are fighting different battles each day. I am sure you have heard of people battling life-threatening diseases and illnesses. Some are battling divorce or marital issues, while others are fighting financial battles.
Battles are part of life. Battles have different sizes and lengths. Some are long lasting and some are short-lived.
Ec. 9v.11 “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…”
I want you to get an understanding that this battle is not about a soldier in the army overseas, it is a battle in the unseen realm.
E.M. Bounds, a prayer warrior once stated that, “the prayer closet is the battlefield of the church.”
Every human being has the breath and spirit of God in him or her; by praying we acknowledge our need for God’s help, his wisdom and guidance.
The spirit within you will cause you to function properly.
So when God is recognized in your life, you will definitely enjoy life.
I want you to see how practical it is. You are God’s creation. Do you know it’s the gas in the car that causes it to move? Even so, it is God’s spirit in you that is keeping you alive.
There is so much revelation, information, beauty and rich inheritances that God has in store for those that know him. You will need to be consistent with God before you will know how to battle in the spirit, fulfill your destiny and help others fulfill their own.