IMPACT: The words that shape our lives.

Prayer is the master key to every door in life

Prayer should be aPastor Julianna new vital part of your life this year. I want every one who was born of a woman, to try talking to God in prayer.
Prayer is the master key to every door in life. If you take time and try using it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Praying to God starts by believing and admitting that there is a higher power who created the universe. The God of the Bible confirms that He is that higher power and that his creations are formed by His Word.

In Genesis 1 verse 1, we discover the words that were spoken from His mouth. He said “Let there be light”, and there was light. In this segment of Scripture, He shows us the power of the spoken word.
The word spoken from the creator’s mouth began to put the sun, the moon, the stars and all creation into place. It’s amazing what the spoken word can do.
Readers, the Word of God is very much alive; it’s quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4 verse 12).
Words shape nations, words give love  and peace, words bring unity, and they build relationships.
We see lawyers getting lots of money because of their ability to speak, defend, and prosecute through words.
We see authors also making a living through their ability to write and create meaning and stories through by aligning words on a page. Singers sell albums and draw a crowd by the words they put to a tune. Even government officials assemble and sit all day in Parliament just talking words. Family reunions are also about words and the exchange of conversations… in fact any verbal expression weather hateful or lovely require words.
Some words have a good effect and some words have negative effects. any school, college, university or other academic realm that you may attend is to learn the importance of words.
I am giving you information on how words can shape your own personal life. On the one hand, if a person compliments you with words, you feel uplifted and good inside; on the other hand, if a person insults you with words you may be hurt or angered.
Words have power so let us learn how to use them as God intended. Matthew 15:18 tells us that
“the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart.”
Praying to God is no different; it is, in essence, speaking to Him through your words from the abundance of your heart.
The most powerful words you can ever benefit from or speak is the word of God. The word is spirit and life. It is like spiritual food to your soul.
Did you know that Jesus was called the word of God? He is the written word, the spoken word and the living word of God.
Therefore, He is the word of life.
If you want to live a good life, get the word of life into your vocabulary.  I want you to personally take time to read the Bible which is the inspired word of God.
Today, I am encouraging you not to run away from the word but to embrace it. We make time in our modern society to communicate and connect with ipods, cell phones of all types, computers, books etc. So let us also read, share, tweet, follow and talk about the word of life, which is alive through Christ Jesus, and available though the Bible.