IMPACT: An appetite for knowledge

If you’re going to make an impact in this world, you must be a reservoir of information.

We are living in a generation that does not like to read.
However, information is the currency of life’s activities.
Job 8:8 instructs us to: “Ask the former generation and find out what their ancestors learned.”
Unfortunately, some of us of the Black race do not share our issues with our family to see how our parents or grandparents may have overcome such issues in their time. I believe what is even worse is that we do not even ask questions or inquire.
It’s time to be informed about our past, evaluate our present, and forecast our future if we want to function properly in this world.
Many of us are going through struggles in life. Some of the struggles are with our health, finances, relationships, etc., and are looking for all sorts of antidotes to rectify, but to no avail. Are we looking in the wrong places?
If we were more informed about our past, we would probably notice a pattern and discover that some of these struggles we are facing are recurring in our family and thus, generational.
If you’re going to make an impact in this world, you must be a reservoir of information.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, do research, read books. Even now with all the advancements of technology, information is more accessible than it has ever been in the history of mankind. Recipes are at your fingertips; tutorials and instructions are just a click away. Gone are the days of spending nights at the library for personal research, as now one can sit up in their beds with access to the latest studies and articles at their disposal.
Nonetheless, people are destroyed because of ignorance, which is a lack of knowledge. The Lord has said in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge,” and clearly states that there are consequences when we reject knowledge and these consequences can have a generational impact, thus affecting our lives and that of our children.
Information is vast but the act of receiving and cultivating your life through its influence by actively allowing the information you seek or expose yourself to, to shape your life, is what makes it powerful. We will never get information automatically. It requires action on our part, and it comes by seeking, the most effective being reading up on the subject.
Observation can also lead to information. Though it can happen unconsciously it remains an active way of collecting information and that’s why spies are often sent on behalf of one nation to another.
Much can be learned through observation. Spies will observe specific functions and operations to make links, gain information and understand the context in which this information is cultivated to best interpret or utilize the information gained.
Information can give you an upper hand over your enemies.
If you are about to take a journey anywhere nowadays, you must be informed about where you are going before you leave home. Understanding the weather tendencies in that location, the culture and the currency exchange can all make for an easier and more enjoyable stay upon arrival. Information is vital across the board.
Did you know that if you want to be a politician, you must first get information concerning public policy, how to network and develop a campaign?
A nurse must have medical information on patients in order to effectively treat them. A civil servant must be informed and up-to-date with the laws governing their department of service in order to do their daily work.
Some young parents need to be informed about parenthood before embarking on the journey. Young couples need information about getting along in marriage. So many people are financially bankrupt spending more than their monthly earnings and all of this cause stress, conflict, confusion and even the breakdown in relationships.
Do you see how information is a key part of our daily lives?
It’s time to make it work for you and not the other way around.
This message is to help us to recognize the power of information.
I encourage you to start reading more… seek out information and you will be enriched.
Already, the fact that you are reading this article and have reached the end is a wonderful start.
This year, strive to increase your knowledge. Be ready to learn, be ready and willing to read. Start little and I know you will improve as the days progress. You can only get better and better.

Pastor Julianna Daniel