IMPACT: A time for change

What is change?
Change is the act or process of making radically different shifts. It means to transform, transfer, and substitute or to make a definite shift from one state to another.
It is the act of leaving one condition for another. It is a constant factor in life. Change is integral to life itself. If changes were to cease, so would your life.
Today, many are stagnated in their individual families, businesses, corporate and social lives because they refuse to embrace changes.
It is time to accept that we are all progressively changing. Even if your situations may not seem to be changing, one fact is that we are all aging. In a few years from now, you will be retired and people will refer to you as a senior citizen. Some of us have already reached that point and some of you will be entering your adolescent years. Another group of you may be hitting middle age, while there are babies growing and changing on a daily basis with stride as they recognize each day is a new adventure. Let us become like little children and learn to adapt and develop and evolve because in this world, change is inevitable.
One thing, however that will never change, is our creator. The God who created the heavens and the earth, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
God expects all of us to define and appropriate our own change. Some of us need to work on changing our minds. A few of us need to change our jobs, while others need to change their location. In the same manner, a great deal of us need to change our bad attitude for a good attitude. Some of us need to change our heart towards some people, especially in the cases where forgivingness is lacking. Please forgive, today, from the bottom of your heart, chose to make this change. Regardless of your age today, I urge you to forgive your parents and love them! Do you not know that God gave them to you, as a life-long gift?
Many need to change spiritually and read the Bible. The Holy Spirit wants to empower you to commit yourself to changes so that when you read the Bible, you would see the plans God has for you. His plans for you are good and intended to make you an influence to impact others and fulfil your destiny.
Please understand that you are the one that has to work on changing yourself; so do not expect anyone else to do it for you.
If you feel as though there are powers preventing your change or keeping you back from where you are should be; it is time for power to change hands.
Things must change if you change. So go ahead, embrace changes and rise up to defend yourself and your family. Change your mind and you can change your future. Mindsets are an immense part of change. Your frame of mind is what will make the difference that will take you from the prison to the palace. If you keep your thoughts and attitude on what it should be in spite of your current situation or location, that shift will take you from the bottom to the top.
You can go from being a “nobody” to being a somebody of great value. When you change your mind for the better, you will be able to tap into your inheritance of equality in the world. Change Change Change!
If you need help, guidance or mentorship on how you can change any of the aforementioned aspects of your life; you are more than welcome to join us for any of our services Sundays at 12:30PM or Tuesday 6:30PM. Our team of pastors and intercessors would be delighted to pray with you and help you attain a life of purpose, freedom and victory in Christ Jesus. Visit us at 4119 DeMaisonneuve O. (Corner Wood ave) H3Z 1K2 (Atwater metro). Connect with us on social media: @hopfanqc
We want to hear what you have to say and will assist you in this GREAT change.

Yours truly, Pastor Julianna