Hate in the U.S and Racism in Montreal

The president of the USA Barack Obama said, “A person does not have to use the word nigger, not to be a racist, must whites just will not use the word, but they will not hire you…

EveryboBob White newdy in the barbershop was talking about Black July 1954 when 12 of our finest (Blacks) drowned, young children day campers from S. Henri/Little Burgundy.
“It all happened,” said the Professor “because of the councilors who were supposed to protect the children, could not swim when the boat that the campers were in turned over, This is part of the history of Montreal’s Black Community.”
Dropout said, “It will not stop, now it’s Charleston South Carolina at a prayer meeting. Some ‘nut’ white, 21 year old, sat in the prayer meeting, listening then pulled out a gun and killed 9 Blacks. Remember, he did this in a church.
That 21 years old racist was in a zone of choices. He knew what he was going to do before he went to the church. Like the president of the USA said, “this should not happen in an advanced society like the USA.”
All of Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee agreed, that once the president of the USA Barack Obama retires, he would talk different, because he knows the USA, the history of the USA. He knows if white folks want to end racism. He knows that racism is a big business.
To Tell You The Truth said, “Since the editor of Community Contact Egbert Gaye is not on the radio as a regular, the only one that made sense of the 21 year old white racist going to a Black church prayer meeting and sitting there for an hour, while the Blacks showed him love, he pulled out a gun and killed  nine  people was Rev. Darryl Gray in his comments on 800 AM.”
All of the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee agreed with what Rev. Darryl Gray was saying and they wish that publisher of Community Contact was still on the Gang of Four on 800AM radio, because he would tell the truth, about why white folks hate Black folks.
Blacks are the victims and they blame Black folks. White folks hate Blacks, why? Just because they are Black?
Dropout said, “Listen to me, I wanted to go to South Carolina, climb up the poll where the racist flag is flying then I got a call from Hampstead Harry Cote-St-Luc Charles, he told me to be careful, “Remember what happened to John Kennedy in Texas and he was a white guy, so you know what they will do to you and you’re a white guy. A Black policeman might shoot you to please his white boss.
Money put up his hand, he said, “Here’s the racist game they play in Montreal. It’s called economic empowerment; “they” will not let us (Blacks) in. Look around you; how man elevator repairmen do you see? How many new caredealerships do Blacks own? How many McDonald’s, Subway’s, Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s?
As much as Blacks love churches, Blacks do NOT own a church that holds 1200 people and there are 185 thousand Blacks in Montreal or more.
White folks look at Blacks and hate Blacks, because they have no money and because Blacks are not organized. Professor said, “What the racist white guy did was open up a 400 year old problem.”
The Regulars of Community Contact, the serious readers know, that racism is like cancer, you don’t always know you have it. The president of the USA Barack Obama said, “A person does not have to use the word nigger, not to be a racist, must whites just will not use the word, but they will not hire you.
This is called economic lynching. The city hall in Montreal has 85 city councilors, 185 thousand Blacks, and only one, one Black. This is not democracy, it’s hypocrisy, again, hypocrisy, the “system” is stacked against us, and “they” cripple us and laugh at the way we walk. It’s all economics, economics, and economics.
Blacks are so busy paying their bills, that they don’t and have not developed a cultural sense of business. It’s the Golden Rule, whoever has the gold, makes the rules.
Now, all Blacks should know their history and know that some white racist put a bomb in the 16 St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama and killed four little girls attending Sunday School. See Spike Lee’s movie, “Four Little Girls.”
White racists keep sending messages to Blacks, messages of hate. And Blacks still don’t get the message, that white folks do not want you. They hate you; hate you enough to murder you, by any means necessary. It’s too bad, when Rodney King was getting beat up, he kept saying, “Can’t we all live together.”
Schoolboy put up his hand, he said “What is a hate crime, because the authorities said they are checking into the law to see if what the 21-year-old white admitted racist, who said that he hates Blacks, he wants to start a race war and someone like me has to start, so he started by slaughtering 9 Blacks after a prayer Bible meeting in a Black church. So my question is what is a hate crime?
When you watch very closely, and listen closely to the Canadian media, said, “In This Day and Age” they always talk about racism down there, they don’t want to talk about racism in Montreal.
I wonder why? It’s always down there, they act like “we” in Montreal, do not have institutionalized racism, economic racism, racism in housing, we have 185 thousand Blacks in Montreal and only one Black city councilor, among 55? What do you call this?
There was an Amen from the Ways and Means Committee.
Dropout said, “The Supreme court of the USA said in their 5-4 ruling that gay marriage is
PoBoy put up his hand, he said, “How can I be a city councilor?” Everybody in the crowded barbershop gave him a very serious look.
Genius said, “You’re a nice young guy, innocent, you’re not like those old veteran politicians, that have never and will never do anything for Blacks, they’re called bananas, when they start, they are bananas, they green, they get ripe then they get rotten and retire with a good position. While all those years, they paid of all their bills, sent their kids to good schools, while the Blacks are still trying to service.
Now PoBoy, when you’re Black you have two chances to win a seat as a city councilor, remember, the people have to vote for your, your two chances in becoming a city councilor in this great city of Montreal is slim and none.
Now That’s Been Said put up his hand, he said, “PoBoy,” “All you have to do is speak to all the Blacks that ran and tried to be city councilors, they will tell you what they went through.
They will tell you, ‘I had a dream, but my dream became a nightmare. This city does now want any city councilors who are Black or non whites, all you have to do is go back four elections and see if there were and how many city councilors who were Black or non white. It’s insulting and should be an embarrassment to the people that run the city hall of Montreal, especially with the population of 185 thousand Blacks. Who is in city hall to represent Blacks? Because it’s not happening now.”
Professor said, “And if some Blacks were city councilors in the city hall of Montreal, would they help Blacks?”
Money said, “If a Black became a city councilor the way the could help Blacks, or a few Blacks who want to make money, is ask the city councilor who is Black, what part of the city is the next boom, they would have told you St. Henri, buy all the property that you can, you can get $29,000 a year for rent and sit on it, then get $60,000 for the same property, just west of Atwater ad Notre-Dame.
If all of the Black churches that pick up collection, get together, and buy property in St.Henri, buy now (2015) it’s to late, unless you can find a deal. This is what a city councilor can do for Blacks. This is only if Blacks want it, but it’s obvious they don’t, because all they have to do is get organized.
It looks like all Blacks want is a low paying job or the ones that think they are smart, write-up grants and put themselves on a salary. It’s all form and no content. Montreal has lots and lots of Black organizations most of them are funded by some level of government. There was an “Amen” in the barbershop.
In This day and Age said, “I was reading the latest issue of Community Contact (June 26, 2015) CDNBCA on the road to change. In the article the Association’s financial statement showed it having more than $175,000 in investments.
The Ways and Means Committee at all the barbershops and hospitals and all locations where Community Contact is distributed would like to know more about $175,000 in investments.
There was an “Amen” from everybody.