Happy New Year!

This is the best time to pay attention to your mind and consider renewing your mind. Read Romans 12:1-2.
The word of God addresses our mind because transformation is impossible without a renewed mind.
Many in society have lost their minds. Some have given it over to lovers and friends, some have exchanged their minds for wealth and riches, and some to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. Some minds have been out of circulation for a long time. So let’s get it back.
Your mind controls your life.
Do you know that as a man thinks so is he. A mindless man is a useless man.
There are many sick minds on the loose and they’re out there today without purpose due to mind problems. As a result, many of them live alternative lifestyles. Psychiatric hospitals are now full of sick minds.
Readers, there is no doctor on planet Earth that can cure your mind problems; they can only treat the symptoms of your illness. The mind is a spiritual and invisible organ. God alone controls the mind of human beings.
We all have the mind of Christ, so let us activate it through God’s word. The more we deny that there is a God, the weaker our mind becomes. The Bible says only a fool would say in his heart that there is no God.
God will keep us in perfect peace when our mind is stayed up on him. Each and everyone of us need our own mind to think and to educate ourselves for life’s journey.
The level at which your intelligence performs can tell you a little about your state of mind. Thank God for the men and women that use their minds to create amazing technologies, build towers, invest in systems and networks such as Bell, Hydro and all sorts of transportation technologies.
We, the general public, are now enjoying the results of so many great innovations because of some great minds.
You just may be the next great mind. Know this, not everyone is willing to celebrate your great and powerful mind. God has given each of us a mind to use. Did you know your mind is in great demand? Everyone wants your ideas, input, opinions, etc.
We have to seriously pray for the minds of our children. They don’t know just how powerful their minds are and how far it can take them in life. Their minds need to stay sharp. Making marijuana legal is not at all the best thing for the minds of the younger generation.
This year, 2019, we have an urgent assignment to pray for our young generation and to take back their minds from wherever they are.
Please lay your hands on your head and say: “Lord, give me back my sound mind. Lord, renew my mind to function normally. I am born to make a difference in my generation!”
Do this each day and practice to take control of your mind.
Again, this is the best you can do for yourself for the new year.
As a servant to the body of Christ I will be introducing you to your personal body (starting with your head) to let you know that God is concerned about each part of your body.

Be blessed and encouraged.

Pastor Julianna Daniel.