Gotta love Montreal in the summer

Enjoy the season, it’s gonna be short

Summer oh suStrectch newmmer where forth art thou?  Sitting in my living room, watching the heavens open up in all its glory.
This has been going on for the last two nights, no back yard   chat, no bar-b-ques, no limes, no old talk sessions. One minute it’s so cold that one has to grab for extra covers at night, next minute it’s hot.
The weather is certainly not cooperating. June showers I am totally grateful for as it makes the few grass stubs green and the tons of dandelions prosper more all over the neighborhood.
We did have sunshine for a day so that people could pay from $500-$700 to watch millionaires race their super- powered toys (cars) around St. Helene island at breakneck speeds, it is said that if  you are a race fan this is a must-see. Guess I am not a fan. The Canadian Grand Prix is often billed as the biggest sporting event in Canada with more than 100,000 people in attendance over the two days. Radio stations were broadcasting that between 80 -90% of the hotels downtown were fully booked.
So you know its summer watching all the beautiful people walking down town having a Grand Prix drink called Ferrari Rum and Coke or something like that.
This year the race was won by British born, of half Grenadian parents Louis Hamilton.
You know summer has began in Montreal although the weather is just not cooperating yet we always make the most of it. Be sure to check a magazine published by the Quebec government called Quebec Vacation guide.
If you like the outdoors there is the Botanical Gardens featuring the Garden of Light,  or one can choose the James Bay walleye fishing tournament competition. And then there is the International Jazz Festival, the International Comedy Show; Just for Laughs, The Nuit de Afrique, something for everyone.
Notably missing to be mentioned in the magazine is the Reggae Festival, the Taste of the Caribbean and the Carifiesta.
One wonders what does these festivals have to do to have their events published. Is it in their way of thinking (I hate to say) but could it be true that the so called Black and Caribbean culture is just not worth recognizing.
However, do not remain uninformed as the Community Contact, CKUT and CJLO will always, for all matters happening  in our community  keep you up to date.
Regardless of the weather, summer, with the long days of  daylight and the various festivals will go on. There will be the annual Vincy picnic to look forward to, to liming on Victoria to catch up on the latest, people watching on Crescent street enjoying the ambience and joie-de-vive that only Montreal can provide.
Enjoy your summer as this year it’s gonna be short.  Have a safe, happy and wonderful summer.
Till our next trip walk good.