Gaining knowledge about your adversary

Prayer is the key…

God is good.
And just as God exists as a light in this world, there also exists a darkness. The ruler of this darkness is the father of lies, but the good God that I serve is the father of TRUTH. This ruler of darkness is the same one who tempted Adam and Eve to sin in the garden and through their sin brought evil into this world.
An evil that is Governed by wickedness in high places.
Wickedness is taking advantage of ignorant men and women. Of those who refuse to believe that there is a devil and that he comes to steal kill and destroy.
The devil is not a figure of our imagination. In Fact he is real and roaming about the earth as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
In Hosea 4:6, God’s word says: “ My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Because we lack knowledge of who the devil is in the earth and what he can do to ourlives and destinies. The devil has an arm of wickedness in the earth by means of his servants practicing and using all sorts of crafts and wickedness to weaken families. The Bible is very clear on these subjects.
In Luke 13, one woman was bent over for 18 years with a spirit of infirmity. She was seeking doctors using all forms of medicine towards the sickness that was given to her through witchcraft. Yet, it was only Jesus Christ’s intervention that brought changes to her situation. I encourage you to read it in the Bible for yourself.
We must be grateful for medical help, but one thing we should be mindful of is that they have the ability to treat the symptoms of all forms of diseases and illnesses but only God can heal them.
We read in the book of Acts 8:9-25 that a certain man by the name of Simon, a sorcerer, bewitched a whole city using witchcraft to deceive all its inhabitants. My dear readers, witchcraft is not dead, it is very much alive in the earth today.
Your fear, doubts and unbelief cannot stop the work of wickedness, witchcraft, sorcery and many more diabolical operations going on in this day and age. We are protected from all these wicked manipulations by receiving Jesus Christ, by confessing through faith that He is able to protect and deliver you from the hand of the enemy.
Pursue the knowledge of God. His spiritual knowledge is what you need to bring illumination and revelation to be victorious over the darkness that surrounds you.
Man is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body. Therefore, as a spiritual being, you have the innate ability to intercept the plans of the wicked in the spiritual realm through relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
Today, I want you to get knowledge and find out if your problems are physical or spiritual. Most often they are a bit of both. That being said, don’t just sit there and accept everything as the will of God.
God has already explained in His word that He has given us the power to defeat the plans of the wicked in His name. Prayer is the key!
So, how do you pray and live a life that will cause heaven to fight for you? How do you shape the future and the destiny of your family and loved ones in prayer? How can you intercept a bad dream to potentially prevent evil or bad news?
Jesus is the answer to all of these questions. So ask questions and get answers and above all seek God’s help. Remember Jesus is indeed the way to the solutions you seek just keep in mind that God uses people, friends, neighbours, even strangers to answer our prayers and to be His hands extended.
Prov 4:7 Wisdom is supreme: therefore get wisdom and with all your getting, get understanding about your personal life and family.
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God bless
Pastor Julianna Daniel