Fight this pandemic spiritually

Fight like David

Since March, the world has been waging a war against a “king-virus” called Corona. Instead of getting knowledge to fight the worldwide attacker masquerading as a Coronavirus pandemic; many have become at ease with the sanitary measures, wearing masks, hand washing, social distancing. We need to start warring in prayer against this virus… that is our offensive position in this battle.
In the word of God we read about two warriors. One was on God’s side and the other was on man’s side. Their names were Goliath and David. Both of them had armies but one was more powerful than the other and better armed in the military and equipped with weapons and technique. The warrior with the more sophisticated war technology and weaponry insulted the children of God and mocked God and His people until God intervened by sending his servant David to represent him both spiritually and physically on the battlefield.
So Goliath and David though completely opposite in stature, skill and experience, were in a head-to-head showdown. From the time it began, it was heated spiritually. It was a battle of words which brought about one of the most unlikely victories of all history.
It’s circumstances, its opponents were improbable and its warfare was also one of the least physical … because it was spiritual.
In the end, Goliath was beheaded and the children of Israel got the victory. He was defeated because David was standing for God in a spiritual position. Though Goliath sent threats and insults and paralysed the armies with fear, David’s words and declaration were much more powerful because he stood with God.
Whether you believe it or not, the war on this virus is also spiritual. And know that spiritual things have to be treated spiritually.
Most of us of West Indian descent have to remember our roots in the knowledge of herbal remedies? Our elders and ancestors knew that viruses were treated with herbs, bush, lemons, ginger etc.
They knew then that the doctors did not have all the answers when it came to treating viruses and infections. As a result, they would make their journey up the mountain to get herbs before they go to the health center or the clinic. Sadly, many of us have denied all these traditional medicines. Instead, we would rather run to the hospital.
Our God created man and put them in a beautiful garden filled with herbs.
The are certain cultures that do not believe in our God but they are taking advantage of the herbs, the garden and its vegetation and making very effective teas and drinks. Because of some people’s knowledge and experience with herbs and herbal medicine over the years, they already have a tea to remedy the effects of this virus.
They are now using it on themselves; and quite frankly, I don’t blame them for doing so. They are taking care of their own.
We, however, who are of African descent, should get back to our herbal foundation of bush tea and pray to the creator of all mankind to set us free from this plague.
I encourage you to read Psalms 91 on a daily basis for God’s protection. Pray and believe God can handle this pandemic. Don’t ever forget to declare that it is in God we trust.
We, first, trust in our God who is able to deliver us from the hand of the enemy. We have to accept help from the doctors and the hospitals, but put God first. Remember doctors treat us but only God can heal us and prolong our life and health.

Pray and trust God to defeat this giant COVID-19!

Pastor Julianna Daniel