Energy 101

The field that surrounds us

Scientifically spOdessaeaking every living thing has a cloud of activity surrounding it that is measurable and quantifiable. This field is called the EMF,  the Electromagnetic Field.
If you have ever heard of Kirlian photography then you’re one step ahead. Kirlian photography is a special kind of imagery that can take a photo of this energy field some call an aura that surrounds the body. It has been noted that the aura around a person can vary in colour and size.
More notable is that if an individual is not well it is possible to see these imprints and where they are located in a person’s  body. In these Kirlian photographs one can also see the energetic imprint of an amputated limb.
Some tangible scientific proof of the energy that surrounds us to is captured through this special kind of photography. Don’t take my word for it.  Check it out!
Some individuals are naturally inclined to see the subtle energies of objects without the help of any machine.
While some are able to see, others can feel energies with have sensitive hands. There are those who can sense and feel things without really understand what they’re experiencing or why they feel it. Every single one of us has these abilities to sense into extra sensory perception.
Developing them may be easier to some people, but able to sense and see them is a universal ability, one that we aren’t naturally taught to embrace. You or someone you know may have been a “prophetic dreamer” since you were younger or  just “know things” and can’t explain why. Sometimes you may meet someone and “not like them” for an unknown reason.
An example that has been around us for years is the cartoon strip Charlie Brown. If you’re familiar with Pig Pen and the ‘cloud of mess’ he has around him, this is an interesting example of someone’s aura or electromagnetic field. There are people who live with this kind of energy around them. They have lots of baggage and may hold onto things like grudges, they may have incredibly narrow views on life and when they come around there’s a strong vibe of not ‘having it together’.
Another great example is seen in the images of saints who have the tell tale circle of light around their head. It’s always been around us. Our hands are very sensitive and the fingertips don’t lie. Try this energy 101 exercise. Rub your palms together and squeeze the tips of your fingers – get the circulation moving. Bring your hands close together without touching (1-2 inches) and breathe. Pay attention to what sensations you may feel in your hands and on your skin.  Pull them away from each other slowly (about 1 to 2 inches) and then bring them back in close, slowly. You should feel resistance, like 2 opposing magnets. This, my family, is the beginning of you feeling your own energy field.  My challenge: Do this for 5 minutes each day and share your discoveries!
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