Emancipating words: slave and servant

We all serve in some way and report to or submit to someone in some kind of setting

For years we have despised the words slave and slavery, especially in the Black community.
Some of us have serious art with these words. Some have despised people who have called them a slave, but I want to thank God today for spiritual revelation.
Did you know that the word slave is not a bad one at all? The word slave has the same meaning as servant, and the word servant has the same meaning as steward. To be a slave you have a master, to be a servant you serve a master. To be a steward you submit to become a master over your master’s property.
In the Bible, Gen 1:28 God blessed man and gave him dominion to be fruitful, to multiply and subdue Earth.
The Bible also tells us that Earth is the Lord’s, therefore for mankind to fulfill the assignment of dominion on Earth as commanded in Genesis, mankind would have to submit to the Lordship of the owner and become a steward or a servant of sorts.
Basically, the assignment would not be possible without becoming a slave to Christ (read Psalms 8:6).
A slave, a servant, a steward; all three have potential to become rulers, administrators, directors, supervisors so long as they remain faithful and wise in their service (Matt 24:45).
Let go of your negative perceptions of the words slave and servant … if either of these are your current status, be faithful and consistent for you can become a treasurer over financial affairs, a steward over properties, a ruler over many, etc. Each one of these titles are based on their level of responsibilities; however, their core remains one of service and servanthood. We all serve in some way and report to or submit to someone in some kind of setting.
Please do not insult this word any longer. God wants us to take hold of our inheritance and it starts with recognizing our potential without being limited or offended by the idea of having to serve or submit to another, because no matter where you work or live, you are of service to others in some way. Servanthood is a part of life, it is your attitude that will make the difference.
In Genesis 15:2 we see Eliezer was a slave from Damascus and a steward to Father Abraham. He was a servant who was entrusted with much and could have even inherited Abrahams estate; had his master remained childless. He had the responsibility to oversee all of Abraham’s affairs. His faithfulness and reputation as a servant to his master made him an undeniable choice, as the one who would be entrusted with the duty of finding a wife for Abraham’s son Isaac.
This task included a paid voyage as well as the responsibility to prepare and inspect the transactions of the dowry and make the necessary arrangements on behalf of his master. This demonstrates that Eliezer was recognized in his position; he was faithful, and as a result was blessed by both God and man.
There are certain facets of life that do not change. Whether examples taken from history, from the Bible or from our lives today, servanthood and its many degrees of service and responsibilities is an ingrained part of our human legacy. Unfortunately, some years of our history have been tainted causing a negative reaction to the words slave and servant.
Today, I am proud to be a slave for Christ; I understand the benefits and rewards that come with it. I am truly honoured to be called a servant of God. It is a privilege to call Jesus Christ my Lord and master just as much as it is to serve the body of Christ and the Montreal community.
I count it a blessing to be a pastor over the flock of House of Prayer for All Nations and a steward over the household of God. We are not after material things… we are after God!
Readers, man’s greatest responsibility in this life, is to be God’s steward. We are created with a tripartite nature: spirit, soul, and body. In other words, the spiritual, the intellectual and the physical attributes of our being, coexisting as one.
Whether servant, slave or steward, let your title receive a revised status by renewing your mindset and thinking more positively about your service whether personal, family oriented, work-related, or community-based.
Come and join the servanthood party or to learn more about our mandate of dominion and stewardship over Earth. Come and visit our church at 4119 DeMaisonneuve West. Sunday service is midday on Sundays, and Bible study is 6:30pm on Tuesdays. You are truly welcome. You can also find us on social media @hopfanqc

Yours truly, Pastor Julianna Daniel