Discover your Inner Creativity and Find Your Passion, Potential and Purpose

The time is now to take action and think outside the 9-5 job box, andmonetize your passion

By Lourdes Marie Alfonso

Thinking outside the box, is to discover your creativity and find yourpassion, purpose, and potential.
There comes a time in everyone’s life when we questioned ourselves, “AmI doing enough…” and “What if….”
A regular 9-5 job and spending your time working your way up in yourcareer could be satisfying, trading time for money, the process of paying the bills, can become just that: working to pay the bills.
We find ourselves wondering, if we have lost sight of what is reallyimportant.
We all have talents and inspirations that drive us forward in life, but if we are not taking steps to achieve our goals and passion, life seems meaningless.
Most people find a job without knowing their personality, if the job suits
them or not, they become unhappy, hate their Boss and the job, and arealways at the “revolving door” looking for the next job or the next paycheck.
Less than a decade ago, Forbes Magazine worldwide survey found that 87% of workers hated their jobs. Today that percentage has risen to 90%, the current finding speaks loud and clear.
That is no way to live.
Many of us feel stuck in our daily routine wondering about the things that might have been if we were offered better opportunities, or if we made more time for the things we enjoyed and were passionate about.
Six months ago, the world had a wake up call, which is now causing more and more people to take charge of their lives. They are looking for creative ways to make their own opportunities and job security to improve the way they want to live and be their best possible self.
In the light of the current global pandemic job security has become job insecurity for workers, we all have to rethink what the workplace will look like in the future.
Presently, office buildings around the world are vacant, because most employees are working from home, and who knows, that could be the “new normal” however, not all workers could work remotely,
The time is now to take action and think outside the 9-5 job box , and monetize your passion, doing the things you love to do and be passionate about it.
We are all creative individuals, so tap into your inner creativity,
and discover your passion and talents, yours is waiting to be discovered.
There’s no reason to wonder “ what if”, any longer
“You’ll be in your element, when you’re doing what you love” — Sir Ken Robinson, educator and international speaker

Lourdes Marie Alfonso is a lifestyle coach at LMA Coaching Academy

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