DanceHall artistes face court in T&T

DanceHall artistes face court in T&T

  Busy Signal, Anthony B and Jah Cure

Did you know thaProduction Sounds newt artist like Busy Signal, Anthony B and recently Jah Cure had all been arrested by the Trinidad & Tobago authorities this year.
Why you may ask?
Well promoters in T&T are becoming frustrated with some of the dishonorable Reggae/Dancehall artists from Jamaica who jah cbreach their contracts.
These promoters are now enforcing the “Absconding Debtors Act” law, against those artist who refuse to repay the money they owe.
Trinidad & Tobago Absconding Debtors Act authorize the authorities to arrest any person alleged to be indebted to a promoter and is preparing to quit T&T. So basically any artist that owes money to promoters for past events, can be arrested on T&T soil.
Jamaican reggae artist Jah Cure has become the latest international performer to fall victim to the law. He was arrested by marshals of the Port -of-Spain High Court shortly
after completing his performance at a show at the O2 Park in
Chaguaramas on the night of Sunday 27, September.
He was taken in front of a judge for owing a  Trinidadian promoter over TT $83,000 in performance fees for a concert
that he didn’t spear in.
After negotiations, Jah Cure was able to pay US$6000
to the court and agreed to pay tBusy-Signalhe remainder on the following day, which allowed him to leave the country.
In July 2015 dancehall artist Busy Signal was arrested before performing in a concert after a promoter sought emergency court intervention over an unpaid US $37000
debt.  Busy Signal was able to negotiate an agreement after paying US$15000 immediately and was later allowed to leave the country after agreeing to pay the balance in 30 days.
In May 2015, around mid-night on Saturday’s Indian Arrival Day holiday Jamaican artist Anthony B was arrested after his performance at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain.  An emergency hearing before a judge who issued the arrest warrant for the Jamaican reggae singer after promoter Barry Lewis claimed he owed him money and Lewis’s
attorneys filed an application for a warrant.
Anthony B was ordered to pay the promoter US$7,000 immediately and the balance of $27,976 or before June 30.
Definitely seem like Trinidad promoters are having Zero intolerance to these international artistes and their bad behavior.

Island Facts :
 – Oct 14th 1983 –  Grenada leftist coup under vice-premier Bernard Coard
– Oct 15th 1994 – President Jean-Bertrand Aristide returns to his seat
in Haiti after living in exile after a 1991 coup.
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