Church Events June 11

Church Events June 11

Trinity Memorial Events
Children’s Choir
Trinity Children’s Choir would be holding a new music program for children ages 5-12 at Trinity Memorial Church 5220 Sherbrooke West each Saturday from June 20 to August 15 from 11am-12pm. The program would be teaching children to sing using traditional African-American spiritual and contemporary Gospel styles of music. $4o for 8 sessions and $10 for 1 session (walk-ins.)

Trinity’s Block Party
Then on Saturday September 12 from 10am to 4pm, it will be Trinity’s Block Party on Trinity Memorial Church lawn. Enjoy music, food and fun for the family. They are also looking for performers to help entertain.
For more info on events (514) 484-3102.

Living Room Gospel Fusion
On Friday June 12 it will be “Jazz Night” featuring Dexter Johnston and the Tritones at Caribbean Paradise Restaurant 8080 Newman Blvd.
Buffet from 9:15-10:15pm.
For more info (514) 718-9435 or (514) 222-0474.

Bible-Way Pentecostal Events
On Saturday June 13, the Church invites everyone to a Benefit Concert and Talent Show at 6pm under the theme “Little Vessels, Mighty Voices Praise.” There would be a donation of $10.
Pastor Roslyn McKenzie-Ochieng
And on Sunday June 14 there will be a guest speaker at the church for 11am, Pastor Roslyn McKenzie-Ochieng of Kenya.
For more info (514) 932-8225.

St. Philip Father’s Day
At St. Philip’s Anglican Church Hall 3400 Connaught Ave. NDG on Saturday June 13, St. Philip Anglican Church will be holding their Pre- Father’s Day breakfast and all are invited. Bus 123 from LaSalle.

Summerfest at St. Lawrence
St. Lawrence Anglican Church will be hosting its annual Summerfest Celebration on Saturday, June 20 from 12 to 6pm on the church’s grounds, located at 520 – 75th Avenue, LaSalle. Come and enjoy fine Caribbean delicacies, bingo, good music and activities for the kids.
For more info 514-366-4652.

St. Thomas Summer Lunch
On June 27 from 11:30am to 3pm St. Thomas Anglican will be holding their Summer Lunch at 6897 Somerled Ave. in NDG. Come out and socialize while enjoying a delicious menu. Info (514) 484-2750 or (514) 482-4004.