Are you training for good health?

Bodybuilding and mind building

We live in an era where bodily exercise is so popular.
Daily, we see gyms are filled with people building their muscles, toning up and toning down. Some cycling at high-speeds, others at low speeds, strengthening the heart muscles. Some are taking gym hours to lose body fat and the list goes on.
All of this is very important and very good for the body.
Today, however, I want to address the importance of your mind. Your mind governs your whole body and as a result the word of God begs us to take care of our minds. Take some time to train your mind as you would train your body. Teach your mind to work for you. Did you know there are more sick minds than there are sick bodies? Thre are so many negative minds out there living in muscular bodies.
Do you know a positive mind is a powerful mind? You cannot get a powerful and positive mind without training it to work for you.
Do you know that an untrained mind can work against you? You become so negative and discouraged in life that you never accomplish anything you put your mind to.
Your mind has many functions that take place without your knowledge, without your help, and outside your control.
As a man thinks so is he. Your mind governs your thoughts, your movements, your feelings, your coordination and your balance. It governs your memory, your sensory processing, your sight, your hearing and much more.
Readers, the way you think is voluntary; you can control and train your thoughts. You can train your mind from now to work for you, instead of working against you.
I encourage you to do a little bit of research on the effects that drugs can have on your mind, the effects of alcohol on your mind, and the effects of spending hours watching pornography. All of these behaviours dull the sensory processing after a while and you become so addicted to them that it becomes increasingly difficult to stop if not through the aid of therapy.
Today we are seeing younger people losing their minds due to Alzheimer’s. It’s no longer a sickness for the elderly; even youth are being diagnosed with this life-threatening disease that targets the mind.
Please readers, take time to think about this subject; it is very important. Do you know your thinking can have a positive effect on your physical body?
Hope you’re not upset with this information. I am just helping you with your health.
I want you to start reading your Bible. One way of renewing your mind is by reading your Bible. There are lots of positive words to help you start the transformation process. The mind takes all your lifetime to mature. Notice that the older you get, the wiser you become. It’s not too late to invest and train your mind.
Come to our Tuesday evening Bible studies (6:30pm) and Sunday school sessions just before our noon Sunday services are great ways to train your mind, ask questions and begin appropriating the word of God with positive thinking… We welcome you to join us at House of prayer for all Nations for any of our services.

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Have a blessed week!
Pastor Julianna Daniel