All Roads lead to Caribana

All Roads lead to Caribana

Montreal Carifiesta has come and gone. Congratulations to promoters and organizers.
Now all roads lead to Toronto Caribana, which is expected to be the most attended North American Carnival after two years of Covid postponements. The parade takes place on Sat. Jul 30, beginning at Exhibition Place and moving down Lakeshore Blvd West. (approximately 4.5 kilometres).
Mas bands lined up for Toronto Carnival and their 2022 presentations include:

Freedom Mas Band CA 2022- Genesis
Sunlime Mas Band 2022 – Unleashed
Venom Carnival 2022 –Papillon
Carnival Nationz 2022 – Queens & Goddesses
Fantazia Carnival 2022 -Origins
Toronto Revellers 2022 – Bon Voyage-Your adventure awaits
Saldenah Carnival 2022 – Street of Fire
Concept Costume Creators 2022 – Unity
Tribal Carnival 2022 – Kingdoms
Epic Carnival Band 2022 – Energy

This year, Production Sounds and Selector Pro will be on the road again with Carnival Nationz on Saturday July 30, 2022, as well Montreal newcomer Sabrina a.k.a. Rayne has linked up with Carnival Nationz with a section titled MAWU.

Feature costumes in the MAWU section include: Female Backline – $350. Includes: wire bra, decorated panty, head piece, necklace, bracelets and leg pieces (Note – feather backpack is not included) –
Female Midline – $550. Includes: wire bra, decorated panty, feather backpack, head piece, necklace, bracelets and leg pieces –

Female Frontline – $920. (Sold Out) Includes: Frontline wire bra, frontline decorated panty, large feather backpack, crown, necklace, bracelets, arm and leg pieces (frontline without backpack – $500) –

Male backline – $290. Includes: Chest piece, shorts, belt, head piece, arm and leg pieces

For information on costumes email or the MAWU sections contact : Rayne, 514-776-6943 IG: @raynecarnival or any-other section contact or check the website as most sections are already sold out.

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