A way to save on those Calls

Looking for a Cheaper and Easier Wayto Stay in Touch with Your Family and Friends?

Well, it’s here. For  people of the Caribbean and beyond, 10-10-10-3 is an easy way to save money on all your phone calls, without having to worry about the hassle of using calling cards, a credit check, or having to commit to a contract.
It couldn’t be easier.
Because 10-10-10-3 works on any Bell or Videotron phone there is no need for you  to sign up, register, or switch carriers.
You just dial 1010103 before any number you want to call, and you’ll get reduced rates, guaranteed superb voice quality, and best of all, the calls are added to your regular monthly phone bill!
Their rates start at just one and a half cents to call more than 40 different countries. You can call anywhere in the world, at much cheaper rates than other long distance carriers,  with the confidence that every call will be securely connected, and with crystal clear voice quality. Plus, they have great customer service too!
Here’s how it works:
For calls from Canada to the Caribbean and North America, dial: 10 10 10 3 + 1 +  phone number
For all other international calls from Canada, dial:
10 10 10 3 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number
When dialing, you don’t need to pause between the numbers (the plus signs are shown here only to clarify the proper order); just dial the numbers one after the other.
All the calls you make using 10-10-10-3 will be listed at the bottom of your regular phone bill, underneath a section called “Usage – Other carrier messages, Convergia Networks”.
And here’s where it gets even better… as an added incentive and special welcome gift to try it out, 1010103 is giving new customers their first five minutes FREE to any 1.5¢ destination.

To find out more information about 10-10-10-3’s low rates, as well as an easy to use country code finder, you can visit their website at www.1010103.ca or call one of their friendly Customer Care Specialists anytime at 1-866-650-0103.