The story of Antonia Haywood and her ice cream business is another example of how struggles can make you stronger. This issue I would like to shed light and gratitude towards Antonia for providing comfort to our community with cold treats.
Most of us know Antonia and her sister Asha as children of our community growing up in their dad Peter’s store, MAISON DE BEAUTE DOREEN, located at 6875 Victoria Ave.
Antonia has been working for an airline for over five years, where she had the privilege of travelling to different parts of the world and meet new people.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions many airline were forced to cut back, leaving Antonia at home with additional time on her hands. As Antonia decided to use this unexpected free time catching up on reading, going back to school to finish her B.A. in Social Work and most importantly to start a business.
Introducing Scoop Therapy. It’s an ice cream service that’s delivered to homes across Montreal and has been earning rave reviews from clients since it was launched last year.

Why ice cream you may ask?
Antonia said she grew up hearing stories of her great-grandparents churning ice cream every Sunday and her aunts and uncles fighting over who would get to lick the palette. Ice-cream making was in her blood, so she used her mom’s ice cream machine and made her first batch calling it Coco-Nilla.

After testing it with her closest friends and family members, she received great feedback. And so in June 2020, Antonia joined forces with her mom (Susan), Aunty Patsy, and Aunty Yvonne with some help from younger sister Asha, to make homemade, artisanal frozen treats.
Their recipes have been passed down from her great-grandparents to her grandparents to her mother and now on to her.
All their frozen treats, ice creams, and ‘sucka-bags’ “are made with love” she says.
Scoop Therapy’s most popular flavours include, Rum & Raisin, Ponche de Crème, Coconut, Soursop, Mango, and Grape-nut.
Other flavours such as Passion fruit, Guinness, Coco-Sop, Nutmeg, Cherry-Coconut, Peanut, Chocolate Lovers, and Maple Bacon quickly gaining in popularity as well.

There’re also vegan choices and they are currently working on low sugar options, as well.
They also cater for large groups and events.
It’s almost natural that Antonia has chosen venture down the path of Social Work and entrepreneurship, you can say it’s in her blood.
Her mother, Susan, is a social worker and teacher, and her dad Peter has been one of the earliest success stories in our community. His beauty supplies store was a fixture on Victoria uptown for more than 25 years.
She might have also inherited her social consciousness from mom and dad, both of whom were well known for their work in the community.
That’s why Antonia has incorporated several social initiatives to her business and routinely supports other local Black businesses and gives back to vulnerable such as single mothers, the homeless, and seniors.

On June 5th, 2021, Scoop Therapy celebrates their one-year anniversary.
And Antonia takes the opportunity to thank all her customers and supporters.
She says without them, Scoop Therapy would not be the success that it has turned out to be. Adding that Scoop Therapy hopes to provide “comfort in every scoop” for years to come.
Scoop Therapy offers delivery on the island of Montreal and Pick Up Hot Spots in areas including NDG, CDN, Laval, Montreal East, LaSalle, and West Island.

To order Scoop Therapy treats, please call, text or WhatsApp 438-923-9139.
Also follow them on Instagram (@scooptherapy) and Facebook (@scooptherapymtl).