Trust and know that there is a reason for the season

IMPACT: Seasons Greetings…Count your blessings money cannot buy

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice dearest readers of Community Contact and friends.
The  very fact that you are reading this message is a blessing because that means you’re alive. Its sad to say, but many started the year with you but did not make it this far to see the end of it. Count yourselves fortunate and blessed. Take this opportunity to give thanks to God for your life and that of your loved ones.
Keep your heart focused on the things that really matter. What has Santa done for you all year? Why does he deserve so much credit for the joy and glee of the season? The smiles and laughter from children of all ages usually has more to do with family than it does with gifts and presents.
So, take some time to appreciate each relationship you have. Please, don’t isolate yourself for the holidays. No man is an island. Trust and know that there is a reason for the season and the reason is God’s gift to all mankind.
Embrace the love of God and know that you are welcome at the father’s table this holiday season and all year through.
Celebrate your life, relationships and friendships all around you, and remember Jesus loves you!
At this time of year, House of Prayer for All Nations wants to extend a season greetings and a Bright and Prosperous New Year 2018 To You and Your Family.
Come visit us for the holidays at: 4119 De Maisonneuve O. (corner of Wood Ave.), Westmount, QC, (Atwater Metro). Sunday Service starts at noon.