Troubled by Black History Month

Walking in harmony to make an impact

God desires that all nationalities, colors and races live together in this world like a bunch of beautiful roses, creating a bouquet of different colours
Pastor Julianna new
As a Black woman and notably a servant and child of the true and the living God, today I am addressing one of the greatest insults to the Black race.
I am talking about Black History Month. Some politicians have created policies to designate to the Black race the month of February. Considering the years of trials, effort and progress of Black people, our forefathers and leaders, the month itself is unsuitable because it is cut short, sometimes being only 28 days and subject to falling on a leap year.
Of all the races in the world, why is it that the Black race gets a month? Have you ever heard of a Jewish month? A Chinese month? An Indian month? Or a month for white people?
We the Black race have been insulted by mankind, even our own counterparts. Though we have a month to ourselves we are still subject to immeasurable stereotypes, injustices, racism and prejudices, and that said, even more than the other races that do not have their own month.
In the Bible, it is written that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Our God is the creator and the landlord of the planet and of the universe. He created all human beings and races equally. We have all been given the same authority, ability, potential, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to take our place on Earth and to multiply and subdue it.
Our creator is not a racist God. He created all humanity the same way – every organ, every tendon, every bone, each eye, and each facial expression – so that we can all relate to and understand one another. Are we going to change God’s order because of the color of one’s skin? Why should the Black race be treated so differently when we are made the same? That is basically categorizing a person based on the color of one’s physical attributes that have no bearing on our humanity.
Would you give me a special month because my hair color is black? So why when the color of my skin is black. The Black History Month on the calendar does not mean it’s all history.
Listen, it is time to look beyond the history books and see the present and discern racism (and the Black race) through the policies imposed, structures put into place and by the decrees and laws made. We are still being affected and targeted, but by different means and through new structures and tactics. Though many of the Black race roam free in society, many are still not free within social norms and regulations.
Today, I want Black people to take our place and raise the standard. Lawmakers should treat Black History Month as a band-aid to appease the race because of past transgressions, and challenges we have overcame. However, though we have reached so far, have we overcome it all? Are we now being treated equally and fairly in school, in employment?
Do not let them use Black History Month as a cover-up to appease you for a mere 28 days… and then go through the rest of the year still struggling, and working so hard in life only to face such difficulties in the twenty-first century because we are Black. Let us raise the standard for the Black race.
Do not get me wrong; I am in no way denying the color of my skin. I know who I am. Dominion and power have been given unto all God’s creations. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength and the ability by his grace to make an impact on Earth.
Do not be embarrassed about the color of your skin. God has given it to you and it is wonderful, for you are wonderfully and fearfully made no matter what that color happens to be.
God desires that all nationalities, colors and races live together in this world like a bunch of beautiful roses, creating a bouquet of different colours. Oh what a sight and what a thought to consider that if we were all an array of roses that God himself would be the talented florist.
I close with the words of country artist and songwriter Jim Reeves, ‘’This world is not our home we are just passing through…’’So let us walk the walk hand in hand regardless of our color or race.