Title: Discipline is the key to change

Discipline is often misinterpreted as being an outward correction from a person of authority like a parent, a coach or a teacher. However, self-discipline is crucial and should not be overlooked. So, let us look at it together, in a practical way.
I know many at the beginning of the year have resolutions. Some promise themselves to lose weight, others have plans to shop less, some plan to work less, while others plan to work more. The list seems to be very big in January and February but by the month of March the list is not as active anymore. Why all these resolutions? Because we want to see changes.
This year, I want you to define self-discipline and put it into action immediately. Only through self-discipline, can we see changes. It takes sacrifice to be self-disciplined. You have to be willing to let go of self in order to be disciplined.
Dying to yourself, can make you become even more powerful. So, be willing to work with your mind to make some adjustments. For example, if you are always late for your daily appointments make some sacrifices to get up earlier and leave your for your appointment. Tell yourself I’m not going to do the same routine; otherwise I will get the same results.
Some struggle everyday to make it to work on time, and are simply late for everything else. Tell yourself, this time I will leave home earlier to make it on time. Do so until it becomes a habit and then it will no longer be so hard to maintain. Be willing to change your mindset and your set times.
Look at the black race, we have a generational demon of lateness. Our ancestors left it to us as an inheritance, and it has become a normal routine for many of us to be late for almost everything. Society has even made a saying about black people being late or not starting on time. That is not the expectation I want people to have of me. Let us work together and put in the effort to break this stereotype.
We can change this behavior or cycle through self-discipline. Tell yourself, that from now on, you are going to show up on time for every function you are invited to. Don’t deny or justify your lateness, just confront it and take action to bury that epidemic to an end.
To be disciplined, you should have a teachable spirit. It is a branch of knowledge that enables you to be willing to learn. Having a teachable attitude means you are willing to unlearn what is not right or not profitable for you.
You have to develop self-control to enforce obedience. With good discipline, you will learn how to submit and respect authority on a whole.
Please note, self-disciple is not the only way. Correction is also a necessary form of discipline. God loves disciplined people. In fact, He loves us too much to leave us rude, undisciplined, and rebellious.
Jesus called his chosen men “disciples” because his mandate was to discipline them and bring them into alignment. They were world changers, so they needed order in their lives before they could bring and give order.
You, too, are destined to be a world-changer, an influencer, a person of great potential… so receive this instruction and work on your disciple, your humility and your willingness to learn and unlearn. It is to your advantage!
Be disciplined through self-discipline. This is a prophetic word for 2020. Be blessed and encouraged.
The word of God and godly counsel are great ways to discipline yourself to the will of God for your life. We the pastors and leaders of House of prayer for all Nations church are here for you. Join us at 4119 DeMaisonneuve ouest Sunday’s at 12:30pm or Tuesday’s at 6pm. You can also connect with us online at www.hopfanqc.ca to get more information prayer.