Title: A legacy of peace

There’s too much war in the world today. There are wars in families, homes, and even marriages. Wars Are widespread in governments, schools, and universities. Wars are not just here in Canada or North America, but in divers other nations and we see its evidence every day on the television and we hear of them on the radio.
We are hearing about all kinds of wars. Racial wars, economic wars, financial wars and most of all political wars which are worldwide.
Now is the time to start thinking about sweet peace. Not the peace of men, but the peace of God. It’s only God’s peace that can change the world. God’s peace can settle men’s hearts to become quiet and peaceful. It’s time for us to all seek peace, to crave for peace, to go after peace and to begin to distribute it to others.
What we really need in this world today, Is peace and love.

Have you ever ask the question why there is so much war in the world today? Please note, every war that took place or is to take place, on planet earth, started in the heart of a man or a woman.
Interestingly enough, only human beings war’s last long. When dogs start a war, it is generally over in a few minutes. Even though cockfighting is deemed as entertainment for men’s gain and amusement, even those do not last quite long. A cow fight is head to head knocking that pretty much makes a statement and that’s it; but human wars have long lasting affect.
Please, it’s time for us to put wars on a starvation diet and hopefully, eventually it will die and begin to go on a quest for peace. Peace is powerful, peace is joyful, peace is lovely, peace could be long-lasting.
I love peace more than war. I want peace and love to Rain in my family.
I am Personally praying for peace and love even among the religious sector. Can you imagine that we are serving the only true and living God and we are always warring one against another in debates based on who’s religion is better.
It’s time for us to focus on peace and leave God to be the judge of who’s church is better.
Peace is costly but it’s better than warring in court over diverse settlements. Peace has long-lasting rewards. The peace of God is full with contentment and obedience.

I encourage you to have a strong desire to be at peace with all men and women you know throughout your lifetime. Tell yourself, “ I am working on my legacy of peace”. I also encourage you to act out your peace by calling your loved ones you’ve been angry with for years and make peace! Humble yourself and say I am for peace.
Be bold and have faith… I am giving you the recipe for a long life. May the peace of God be with you now and forever more. Peace, peace, peace!
In closing, I encourage you to read John 14 verse 27. Jesus loves you and left a legacy of peace for each of us.
If you need peace in any area of your life, join us for a special schedule this week Friday and Saturday June 14th and 15th at 6:30 as we will have a special guest Pastor Raphael Grant from Georgia, USA and we, together, will teach you and pray for you to get the peace you so desire. In addition, you are always welcome to join us at any of our regular services either Sunday from noon or Tuesday from 6:30pm.
There are so many wonderful scriptures in God’s word about peace, so come and learn more about the peace God intends for you to have.

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Pastor Julianna Daniel