The importance of giving thanks

Remember kindness

It’s time to be grateful and remember what God has done for us. I realize that forgetfulness is a big problem. Some of us have long-term memory and some have short term memory, but these terms have nothing to do with being grateful.
Make a choice today to be grateful and to remember to express that gratitude. God has done so many amazing things in our lives; some of the things can be explained while others are completely supernatural.
God has used special people to bless your life, and to support you in times of difficulty. Some spouses send their lovers to university to upgrade their education and after doing all that they are given ingratitude and unfaithfulness in return. Please, make a habit of being grateful for both the small and great gestures others do for you, that way you will not overlook the kindness of others and become ungrateful.
Remember, to seize the moment and thank people on the spot, otherwise take the time to call people and say thank you.
Also remember to thank God for the people He has used to give you a better life. Some people are unaware of the impact their presence or generosity has had on your life but you can know that God is orchestrating events and working things out for your good. Remember, He uses people to perform His purposes in your life. It is very good to be conscious of God’s hand in your life. Acknowledge Him and give Him thanks.
We must live a life of always giving thanks, both for the good and for the bad. The word of God says in ALL THINGS give thanks for this is the will of God.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to turn yourself into a doormat. I am fully aware that some of the people you’ve crossed path with in life have been rude, difficult and some even impossible to live with. Rather, I am releasing you from spiritual prison and bondages of unforgiveness, malice and bitterness; into a healthy life that offers joy and peace forevermore. It starts by refocusing your attention and thoughts.
The Bible encourages us to think positive thoughts, to concentrate our attention on the things that are of good report and pleasant. Instead of rehearsing the injustices of your life and the hurt some may have caused you; remember the acts of kindness and show your gratitude. Remember what God has done for you. Remember all those that have been good to you in times of difficulties.
Don’t feed the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the bad experiences of what people have done to you; it is not profitable for you nor for your health. Only goodness and mercy should follow you all the days of your life.
Thanksgiving, open doors of blessings. Keeping your mind focused on the positive and on the good that you have experienced feeds and advances your level of gratitude.
Moreover, remembering keeps us thankful. Jesus told his disciples to take holy communion as often as they can in remembrance of his death, burial and resurrection. May we each have a remembrance book to remember all the good things that God has done for us and all the good people that God has used in our lives to bless us.
Do not allow a few negative experiences to consume your mind, your world and your memory but concentrate and remember the good that surrounds you each day. Whether they be small acts of kindness, regular friendly exchanges or great sacrifices of love; remember these things.
Allow the good in your life to outweigh the bad and give it more attention and praise through the demonstration of your gratitude and watch how things will turn around for the better.
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I, personally, am very grateful for all the readers that take interest in these articles. Thank you for your faithfulness. It is very much appreciated. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Pastor Julianna Daniel.